The Mighty Jingles & Flamu vs. Devteam | World of Warships

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Two famous WoWs bloggers try to guess who does what in devteam! Do they possess enough game design knowledge to get it right?

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  1. Battleship complaints department lol

  2. So that’s how flamu looks like

  3. Battleship complaints department…. LUL

  4. Now I am thinking about My little ponny + WoWs…… :3

  5. Naval creed warships Review

    Lol absolutely lol battleship complaint department

  6. World of Warships Official Channel

    So, what do you think about this activity?
    How did it work out? Was it obvious?:)

  7. oh 6:02 nu gundam


  9. Flamu face reveal! :D:D:D:D:D

  10. Fundin Dylgobrad

    The Russian alphabet?EXCUSE ME,YOU WOT M8.

  11. The cyrillic inscriptions are:

    1:14 “History of domestic (soviet?) shipbuilding” -The book.
    6:30 “I told you” (or “Told you so”) -The white paper next to screen.
    8:04 “Geyzenbag” (i have no idea) On the cup.

    Just in case you were curious.

  12. “This is the QA department?”

    ” You have my sympathies”

    I’m ded

  13. Flamu: Its toxic gas mask? player feedback???

  14. 1:00 i have a whole new love for the WoWs Devteam ;-; tears of joy
    He is Best Dev, the best WoWs Dev
    Brohoof /)

  15. Invite dasha and flamu for a dinner 😀

  16. Salen Stormwing

    1:06 OBEY Princess Celestia! Replace Russian Bias with Pony Bias! Friendship Laser Cannons for all Tier 10!

    • UnnecessaryAmmoRack

      Salen Stormwing Gulag for you for even thinking that up

    • Salen Stormwing

      UAR: Nyet! Pony Prison for you! Time to learn Friendship of Magic and when to use HE on enemies!

    • UnnecessaryAmmoRack

      Salen Stormwing you think this is a joke? I will report you to Stalin himself. Let’s see the power of friendship save you from his anger

    • Salen Stormwing

      UAR: Nyet! Pony invasion is already at WG. Celestia’s Iron Hoof now balances all ships! It iz too late, run! It already got Jingles and Flamu!

    • UnnecessaryAmmoRack

      Salen Stormwing only the French flee. I shall overcome with the power of Stalinium on my side

  17. Grandpa and his grandson on an adventure

  18. Matheus Rondel Leite

    Jingles,we love you because you’re crap. Lol

  19. I was hoping to see a battle between Flamu, Mighty Jingles and the Dev team

  20. The Gnome and the Potato

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