The Mighty Jingles in – A Christmas Calamity!

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Co-starring Akizuki, Zhusie and a horde of lazy salt miners.


  1. i was missing this old mans voice already and yet he didn’t talk

  2. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    You’ve been sniffing that glue again, haven’t you Jingles?

  3. Merry Christmas you ol gnome. Let us know when you’re hiring.

  4. counldt miss the jingles xmas special, its a tradition already

  5. “And on that note….”

    Merry Christmas, Gnome Lord of the Salt Mines 😊

  6. Jingles – Master of his domain, Most Feared Gnome Warlock, Terror of the Salt Mines, Failed Economist…. flooding the market with so much salt would cause the price to crash, ruining profits. Not only that but *gasp* HE DID THE WORK HIMSELF!!!

  7. There has to be some sort of colonialism bred into every good englishman 🙂 Merry Christmas, young boy, merry christmas. And greetings from Germany. (Caveat emptor: I am not in a position to call you old man ..)
    While we are at it: Thanks for another year of entertainment in truly dark times.

  8. And they all lived happily ever after. Cheers jingles! Merry Christmas to you and girls

  9. Proof to never accept a commission or job offer from Jingles. Unless you get to give all the pets to Zhusie the cutie cat.

  10. No wonder the salt mine’s profits fell. After all Jingles forgot to add the monthly taxes for the privilege of working under him this year.
    Oh, Jingles, never change.

    • Look into how mines were run back in the days, miners were working long hours in the mines, the mines were nowhere near towns so for food and stuff the miners would shop in the mining company owned convenience stores. Prices at the company store were stupidly high, but no worries, as faithful employees of the company the miners would just have a running tab at the store. At payday the wages wouldn’t cover what the miner owed the company store, but no worries, faithful worker, the store will just extend the credit. Basically meaning that the miners got deeper in debt every month, but hey, they were free to leave as soon as they settled their debt at the company store.

  11. Oh, THE BENEVOLENCE! Why, this moves me still unbeating heart. I will be sure to load every chamber in my revolver’s cylinder for tonight’s post work release festivities!

  12. Bold Persian Immortal

    Merry Christmas Jingles and to all former salt miners!

  13. Damn, Thank you was starting to have withdrawals. Merry Christmas Everyone.

  14. I love these..there should be more of it, more than once in a year. The gnome overlord must be visiting the salt mines more often than that?

  15. Must admit I was getting worried, Jingles had taken a week off and we had not seen any videos 🙂 To quote a Sicilian “Inconceivable”

  16. Merry Christmas Jingles, ending another year of thrills, spills and excitement!

  17. Merry Christmas an happy holidays to you and your fam/friends mister Jingles!

  18. Happy Christmas Jingles, you’re a gnome for all seasons.

  19. Merry Christmas Jingles. Watching our Mighty Overlord doing his own mining be like, “Fine, I’ll do it myself.”

  20. “It works for Jeff bezos, why not me?”
    Have a great Christmas Jingles!

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