The Mighty Jingles, What’s Up With Warships?

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We catch up with Jingles and put forward some of the topics we’ve discussed to get his opinion.

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  1. Jungles is Santa?

  2. aahahahah ah ahh ah ahhh :)

  3. Hi iEarl,I put a quick note in a delivery to Jingles last Wednesday asking
    him to come on the show..wish was answered…great chat really enjoyed the

  4. Good work iEarlGrey, cheers for putting something in the background to
    watch, keep up the great efforts and who’s next to discuss with?

  5. YAY new jumper lol!

  6. *If you came for WoWs only*: 5:00
    you’re welcome

  7. I don’t get how you can play nearly only coop like the first guy and even
    buying premiums then, no offense but still..
    Anyway nice video iEarlGrey :)

  8. Monty had it’s deck armor improved to match Iowa. Still not a very strong
    ship, but not as far below the others as it used to be.

  9. I watched the omc cup matches and they were surprisingly interesting. Yes
    its the smoke meta so lot of sitting in the smokes of course.
    But if you like the game in general it was watchable.

  10. Carriers, seen mostly when I’m in destroyers, take out my AA Cleveland and
    end up in tier 8 match and no carrier.

  11. “Battleships have been crapped on enough”

    Is he even playing the game?

  12. Hi iEalGrey, very nice YT-talk/video, really like this on, where there is
    something to look at will hearing 2 lads exchange looks/exper. – keep them
    comming, U are on some-thing, that is missing amongst the community – GREAT
    JOB, allso thnx to “Santa” for joining.
    Clearly RN is not, in numbers and Quality rep. in game, as they where in
    real life, say`s I who only playes German ships – why this comment, course
    ships where build to counter enemy naval stategy, and I am missing my
    “natural enemy” in the game, and YEAHHH SUBS would really change the game,
    course DDs would have other things to do, than stealth-chasing slow BBs and
    CVs ha ha ha
    Best Regards to both off U.

  13. That was fun. Don’t be afraid of Colorado. That is a V good ship now,
    still slow but good armour, good guns and accuracy, great heal.

  14. I really hope he is not right with the Heavy Cruiser line for Royal Navy
    the hade some really good heavy cruisers in ww2

  15. I’ve been playing WoW for last 15 months. Everything was sweet until last 3
    maybe 4 months. Suddenly, big bunch of players arrived who hide their ships
    behind islands. Since than game is not as good as it used to be. Em I the
    only one who notice that?

  16. My longest day traveling (not on a plane but the longest then was 24 hours
    from Perth to London via Singapore and Bahrain in 1989) was driving back
    from Italy to the UK. I was in Como (I had stayed in Lecco where I had
    stayed for the Italian GP at Monza) a 7:30am so I’d probably started around
    6am. I usually stopped somewhere in Northern France on this trip but I was
    feeling OK so pushed on – I was driving solo. I caught the ferry from
    Calais to Dover and as back home by 11pm (so 10pm European time).

  17. When I played WoW, enjoyed playing carriers – but – the aircraft options
    are disappointing, for instance, an option that eliminated fighters I think
    was dumb: what carrier goes to sea without a fighter squadron? In other
    words, the squadron compliments in terms of choice, sucks.

  18. Yes apparently boys and girls ,sigh sorry ,but can you do some ship
    reviews, replays ,or tutorials? Perfavore like ichase, Notser,or Flamu?
    Sigh ” boys and girls” lol really Santa? Sorry mate!

  19. i always laugh when Jingles says his going on a vacation he travels
    everywhere and goes to cons isnt that enough of a vacation?

  20. Very nice, enjoyed that. Another good episode, Earlgrey. Thanks for adding
    the game replays.

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