The Mikhail is strong with this one: World of Warships

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Team Battle on The Atlantic map the replay is from the EU server and they get to play tier 8 ships. yes I am a bit jealous about that. If you have a cool team battle replay send them in.

Enjoy the Destruction.

How to enable replays

Replays can now be enabled with Aslains Modpack

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Intro Song is Hey Sailor by Letterbox


  1. Great game, keep them coming.

  2. Thanks WastingSomeTime Gaming for featuring my replay.

    I am a bit sorry for the slow start but I was fully determined to my
    supporter role. Those (unfortunately inaccurate) shots wer supposed to
    reset the cap but didn’t do the job. I have to say our enemy had a pretty
    good start and did a fine job in terms of positioning. Their BBs looked
    almost like two endbosses, just sitting there and dishing out some shells.

    I think there was only one small mistake they made that gave me the
    opportunity for this somewhat spectacular finish: the reckless Benson.
    After that I was able to flank their ships and couldn’t be hit most of the
    time. In addition I used my smokes mainly to throw off their aim while
    advancing even further to the northern cap.

    After the game we had sort of a small debate on never ever giving up until
    the last shots are out. Well, I guess I made my point with that finish ;).

  3. They really need to bring this and the Tirpitz back to the NA shop soon,
    although it seems like the Saipan is the next premium we’ll get.

  4. well we get t10 team battles next season :0 also the mk is fucking insane
    lol just had a 251k dmg random battle in t10 mm 135k fires. IS BALANCED

  5. How can I find you use the cursor pls

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