The monster from the Fjords – Tirpitz 8 KILLS || World of Warships

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monster from the Fjords – Tirpitz 8 ||

Player: [-KE-]Bauhauskiller1
Ship: Tirpitz

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  1. GoldenBeeSwe Gaming


  2. Bendeguz Márton

    Nice one but i want to ask you, will you upload my 278k dmg Tirpitz replay? Im #2 on EU with that damage.

  3. Huu Khang Nguyen

    not bad!

  4. NOT bad?

  5. nice kill stealing

  6. 7 overpens on broadside Atlanta sounds about right

  7. Solid game!
    I wish I had some of these. at the end it looked like it was directed by Michael Bay 🙂

  8. a hair slow firing those torps? in the end

  9. best is Bismarck or Tirpitz ?

  10. The mighty Derpitz

  11. Nice game. Torps in the needed to go a few secs sooner.

  12. teams of potatoes. Reminds me why i quit playing this game.

  13. Would be nice if these players would list modules being used and Captain skills also. In this video he only showed his Captain skills.

  14. Wait a minute…the guy took 2 toros and didn’t get flooding? He should have been dead after the second salvo

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