The Montana in World of Warships Legends

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A compilation of my funny moments, memes and a summary of my thoughts on the Legendary US Battleship: Montana


  1. I’m almost finishing the second segment as we speak but can’t wait for the likes of Ohio and Vermont to be added to the game in the not to distant future.

  2. i’ve never been more excited for a ship than this

  3. This editing is godly, im laughing every second

  4. This is what happens when an Iowa eats too many Big Macs

  5. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    Can we just appriciate how pg makes us laugh with every single video and this perfect editing?

  6. You forget the crazy secondary build that can be made with Montana

  7. Haha, I met PG in game this Sunday afternoon, PG was in Montana for the enemy team so probably in the progress of making this video? It’s nice to have the chance to kill him in my Shima, and I got 7 kills, 3691 base XP, 210k dmg, also our loyang stole 1 of my kill by shooting a heavily damaged Yamato then exposed himself to Worcester and got killed, otherwise I would have 8 kills LOL. BTW PG played really well, even got killed early on, he’s still 4th place in his team and got 1 kill

  8. Your welcome for that clear skies lol, I saw a montana and got confused, then saw your name under it and knew how the match was gonna end. I was in the Lexington

  9. WOWS Legends memes

    The part where you hit the citadel of the enemie is awesome!😏

  10. I wish they add musashi to this game and have SUPER GOOD TORPEDO PROTECTION as it survived loads of torpedos in rl before it sank

    • It was hit by loads of aerial torpedoes before it sunk. It didn’t actually survive them, lol.
      In reality, the Yamato-class had only so-so torpedo protection. Arguably the best torpedo protection was enjoyed by the Americans probably out of necessity as they were up against the best torpedo in the war, the Japanese “long lance”, which they underestimated many times to their peril.

  11. Great video as always, better than the conq would you say?

  12. You’re an absolute unit, very impressive gameplay. Also What is the outro song ?

  13. 1:40 – I had to cry when I saw my teammates being destroyed like that 🙁

  14. The editing is so good I laughed so hard 😄

  15. I can’t wait for this ship!! KG and Yamato being the only viable legendary ships was getting stale. (Yes, Conqueror is dog water)

    • Coming from PC, joo the hell is GK good and Coqkek bad? Wtf

    • @Jertzuu is it the other way around on PC? Yes playing Conq feels like playing the Pensacola, if you don’t get citadeled while fully bow tanking then you still take a lot of damage. Pretty much a non threat. GK can smack very hard and take a lot of pain.

    • @Dennis Roberts Conq is the HE spammer that is always in the backline and GK are the ones to push too far and die first. Generally speaking in good hands Conq>GK. GK’s only gimmick are the secondaries that got nerfed with the commander rework

  16. Appreciate that warfarins still updates this game

  17. Just out of curiosity, is Montana’s base accuracy coupled with Sims’ sniper build good enough to warrant a fast reload upgrade in slot 4 rather than the artillery plotting room? Because if that is so, then that 5 second decrease will make the ship much more fun to play.
    Still, good video and excellent editing as always.

  18. Montana looks to be everything Iowa isn’t. I haven’t even unlocked Yamato yet, although I’m starting to get close, and I can already tell that, probably a year from now, I’m going to enjoy Montana, arguably the most powerful battleship that never was.

  19. I play the GK good so I don’t think I’ll go for this one too soon…think I’ll still get the Conqueror first

  20. Honestly the GVK event would’ve been better now that Montana is in the game, I mean come on Godzilla for Yamato and Kong for Montana, it’s a awesome idea

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