The most accurate Gneisenau I have ever seen in World of warships

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  1. The Gneisenau uses the Del key to fire its guns..

  2. Gneisenau is in fact extremely accurate. It not very often, but still!

  3. Trenlass is like “I’m playing this match from the enemy B line” and he gets away with it. That was awesome

  4. Cybernetic Argument Creator

    He got more citadels in this game than I’ve ever gotten on my Gneisenau in all games combined

  5. Wait am I understanding this. You decide what you play next by what ship you kill last? If so that is kind of cool.

  6. Must be an aim bug. It’s impossible for Gneisenau’s guns to work properly like that.

  7. Fauzan Ilham Nabil

    Get my own gneisenau again after 1 year not touching German BB, The secondary build are fine but the AA build is not the same as before RTS cv and early cv rework. 🙁

  8. This is such a beautiful ship… when it works.

  9. Trenlass somehow found a way to replace Gneisenau’s dispersion with Mecklenburg’s.

  10. When I tried a main gun build on my Gneisenau, she was actually a pretty decent ship.

  11. trenlass threw the schnapps rations overboard this time, so the gunners are unusually sober.

  12. I always loved Gneisenau from the point where i scored a kraken right away in my very first match with her. Its so fast, tanky and unlike the fat bricks which come after her she also turns quite nicely. One of the most fun ships in the game for me. When T7 MM had its golden time it was just a joy playing her.
    But yeah. Some love her, some hate her. My brother never liked playing Gneisenau.

  13. Those gunners were given the special german chocolate before the battle

  14. The buff from a year or two seemed fairly anemic but actually seems to make a difference. Over the Tier VIIIs you lose a rear turret that requires dangerous exposure to use, but gain reload. That, and not having to face Tier Xs and Starships, gives Gneisenau a big advantage over Tirpitz and Bismarck.

  15. What amazing chaos you caused driving straight into their spawn !

  16. Just shows you how broken it would be if the guns were accurate.

  17. Would love to see an Iowa vid. So little videos on that great BB.

  18. more i see landslide victory and defeats which have been more often lately i feel rng favours one side

  19. Gneisenau is my Drug of choice most games.

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