The MOST ANNOYING way to play the schlieffen | World of warships

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This is without a doubt the most annoying and borderline troll way to play the schlieffen i have ever seen. Pure disrespect and abuse of the poor world of warships community and your average potatos.


  1. I knew this would be entertaining right as I saw the first frame of the video. I love smoked secondaries

    I’ve seen people do this with the German premium CV that has stupid secondaries, highly entertaining

    Now that I’ve watched the video: Better than anticipated, thanks for this great content, all hail the queefen

    • The Graff Zeppelin? oh yeah those always funny. the only difference between the German CVS and the Zeppelin is that the Zeppelin has a few 150mm turrets in addition to the 105s.

    • done it with a very friendly vampire in a random game. They decided to do this with me just for fun and yeah that was some funny result form it. CQE on Pommern, GK and Yammy over the island.

  2. the real big sad is the Vampire 2 getting sht recognition when without her this wouldnt have worked

  3. Imagine taking the Preussen over this

  4. Yeah about the sclieffen’s back secondaries, you need 55%+ angling to get them to fire.
    Gk’s secondaries all start firing at a mere 20 degrees.
    Consider that most people will not have a crawling smoke divisionmate; i am not convinced sclieffen is that much better than GK.

    • Tbh GM secondaries suck compared to queefen, I can be in a full on brawl for minutes and only rack up 100 hits on the secondary guns in GK

    • Gk is at best trash. And shleiff is decent without a dedicated smoker. Shleiff has better guns and way better secondaries in exchange for less armor but gk just gets farmed down from HE/fires

    • It’s not just volume of fire, schlieffen has much more accurate secondaries

    • @Amish Mittal he spam is just as dangerous to every other battleship. Not to mention a bow in battleship that gets too close to gun boat dds and light cruisers is bad gameplay and not a fault of the ship.

      The inherent issue with Schlieffen is that you must be Improperly angled to use secondaries optimally. Any battleship and heavy cruiser should be able to citadel you. The ship is very soft, unfortunately.
      Gk’s 12 main battery guns offset the inherent dispersion irregularities. The armour is superb. I average 3 kills per game with the Gk. Good turret traverse, great speed. Don’t sleep on that ship.

    • @Bella_Ciao you are correct that the dispersion is 228 vs 291 meters. It’s one of the few saving graces for the ship

  5. I remember when schlieffen was first released, I took her out in ranked, and wiped an entire ranked team on my own, getting like 1500 secondary hits, and 314k damage. It was ridiculous.

  6. “They have us surrounded, those poor bastards.”

  7. Seen this before. Works best with 2 DDs so they keep the sclieffen smoked up the whole time.

    • and now imagine my friends and me playing 2 schlieffens and a vampire, just going straight the middle of the map, murdering everything on our path xD

  8. Kudos to the vampire for making possible this glorious sacrifice to the WeeGee pantheon.

  9. I am the Schlieffen driver in this video, this is by far the most fun division to play.

  10. My friend in Giuseppe Verdi: “I’ll do it myself.”
    For the record: he usually do more secondary damage than main

  11. Prisoner of the Highway

    This only works against bad players for the most part. If you commit to rushing or running immediately, you can nullify the tactic. It’s the guys that freeze up for a full minute trying to decide that get farmed down. The enemy team also let him get away with it. Anytime you see that division actually working, when the smoke runs out, you need to focus it down.

  12. Love your commentary. Keep it up👍

  13. Wow that was an incredible video! Well done sir!

  14. Imagine having a NAPOLI with you with his sec xD and his gun penelty is 8km so a lot of room for fun

  15. This was fun and entertaining 👍🏼

  16. New to your channel but to see a match with 1400 secondary hits ill give it a watch

  17. I have to finish watching the video. I went into my game and got Schlieffen. Put Gunther on it with full secondary build. I played 3 games and the secondary’s are great. I do have kurnfurst to. I think your right about Schlieffen having better secondary’s and the torps are handy. kurnfurst still has decent secondary’s and triple turrets they are both good ships for brawling. I have all 3 tier 10 German BBs now.

  18. Very enjoyable to watch
    But a DD spraying torps at you could easily get you out of position

  19. Generalfeldmarschall August von Mackensen

    It’s sad how bad the secondarys are in WoWs Legends

  20. I recently did this to a Thunderer in a ranked battle… without the destroyer helping me (with smoke). I managed to get behind a Thunderer running away, and with my speed, kept pace with him, farming his ass for over 117K damage… until he was burned to death. I think he used all his DCPs and repair parties trying to escape. I was LMAO the whole way, and got many compliments from my teammates. Yes, poetic justice! The only thing better, I think, would be if it was a CV, lol

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