The Most Damage I Have Ever Seen a Kurfurst Do! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. I honestly love the G.K and my brother does too but one of my only concerns about the G.K is the fact that if a G.K is fighting a battle with the entire enemy team, G.K can lose the fight because there is so much firepower that can easily destroy the G.K. But great replay game and overall good video as always Spartan much loves brother and good luck on the games

  2. Would love to see his captain and build.

  3. Good god thats a beast! I know what im researching next🎉

  4. Thank you for featuring my gameplay Spartan! Yeah, that’s right, it’s me actually… To answer your question : those were the 420’s ( you can hear the sound as well) with the standard Hipper- Cunningham, Kedrov build. As always, love the vids ( how could I not? 😏) !

  5. You was lucky

  6. The enemy was damm

  7. I do everything I can to carry my team while my team sit in the back of the map and I get 4th on the leader board

  8. Great game, not his fault he got put on a team of potatoes

  9. Dear Spartan, if you want to pronounce Giuseppe correctly you should pronounce the last E of Giuseppe as E of End and not E like east or eagle….😊

    • @Spartan Elite43 in any case. Many thanks for your grate job. I started to follow your videos years ago and helped me a lot to improve my game style and results. Ciao

  10. Reese the Iso king

    This game shows exactly why I stopped play as much and play other game more

  11. Yea great job by GK .

  12. Awesome performance it doesn’t matter it is a loss

  13. BaguetteManufacturer

    Awesome game! I enjoy the G.K a lot, max damage I got with it was around 250k, and that was with secondary build

  14. Spartan can you play more Alaska and montana so I can learn how to use those ships to their full potential?

  15. Dude Italian battleships have rail guns if you put AL Littorio on them, what do you mean?

  16. GG! I’m surprised the GK stayed alive for so long. It’s an amazing ship!

  17. I’ve had some good games in the GK too. I think 270K was where I ended up.

  18. Great video spartan

  19. Gonna be unlocking this in 2 days💥💥

  20. It’s easy to do this much damage when your enemies are terrible at the game.

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