The Most Fun I’ve Had In World of Warships

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

WoWs NA Invite:
WoWs RU Invite:

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  1. It is pure insanity as a mode.
    And I love it.

  2. The 2v2 brawl doesn’t look to shaby either. 🙂

  3. everytime i play this game mode, my team loses the HP war but wins because of the blimp. everyone is so used to kiting away

  4. A huge portion of my frustration with the Preussen is that the plate below the turret/ on top of the barbette is for some reason 75mm, not 175mm like GK so the turrets break if someone glances at them. I’d love if they fixed that.

    • Also I like them to change dispersion sigma to 2.0 not 1.8, it has only 8 guns!

    • @Typhoons How about 16 guns, torpedos and a flight deck with jets, would that make you a belter player?

    • @Web Design seriously, us with vintage T-Xs that have been power creeped to mediocrity and need some shine but the new guy is complaining…

    • My biggest problem is one broadside cannot slam someone. Sure, in a brawl, the 457s are objectively better because of overmatch and fast rate of fire punishes someone trying to turnout at any moment. But for those longer range salvos or those one shot moments it absolutely sucks compared to GK..

  5. this better become a permanent game mode in the future

  6. I think random battle should -Epicenter +Derby. Give full rewards for Derby. Ez.

  7. Has to be easily the most popular mode. Got message several times that “server is overloaded, try to enter battle later or select another battle type”

  8. we need lower tier ships in this mode as well

  9. I would like this to be available for all tiers or at least tier 5 and up

  10. Gotta say I disagree, arm race I find is the most fun mode I’ve ever played. Derirgable derby is much better than random and ranked but I fined every match is a steamroll, by 8ish minutes in half of one team is almost always dead.

  11. I bought the Salem, my first T10, a few nights ago and in my very first battle with it, which was a dirigible derby, I got 150k dmg and almost 2k base XP!

  12. I know why this game mode is great: it fixes all the problems in regular random battle.
    First is forcing to brawl, second is same tier battle.

  13. I love this game mode in my petro. Just hide beside an island near one of the choke points and then they have to try and dig you out of a power position. Petro is already hard to deal with but when its isolating targets and beside islands its even harder

  14. I’d love to see this game mode kept in and maybe be playable with lower tier ships. Keep it fixed to a single tier for balance.
    This game mode is one of the first that has made me wish I pushed for more tier 10 ships to run in it.

  15. The mode is fun for sure however they need to buff the credit/xp benefits you get for being in the green circle and being in (stopping) the red circle. I have had too many matches in a dd where I had to choose between farming damage or winning because babysitting the circles was needed for the win and doing any meaningful damage while doing so was simply not possible.

  16. Had some pretty crazy battles in this mode. Super fun. Had one where I settled near a choke point and the reds funneled through like lemmings chasing their blimp. Got my first 200k game with the Preussen.

  17. I completely agree. This game mode is so much fun!

  18. Ive won so many games when my team was 300k HP down, but we actually just played the objective. Only time i was mad was me in a triple GK div and the other team had FOUR Thunderers….

  19. i love this mode, really hoping it stays for a long time or even permanent with alternating tiers like ranked.

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