The Most Fun You Can Have With Seamen – World Of Warships Mutsuki Highlights

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  1. Never had that much fun with semen myself

  2. did you read the title before you posted this lmao

  3. Seamen….I see what you did there.

  4. Alright the title threw me off😂😂😂

  5. fun with semen

  6. I could think of other ways but ok

  7. Who doesn’t like seamen in their mouth?

  8. The title is just gay enough to accurately describe the Navy

  9. Who else is here before the title gets changed 😂

  10. Just hopped on my phone to see a notification on “how to have fun with seamen”???

  11. *_The most fun you can have with semen_*

  12. I failed to read the A in “seamen” and was like “…??????”

  13. You had alot of fun with the title

    Didnt you…

  14. Most fun you can have with seamen… hehe… It’s not the only way you can have fun, you know…

  15. You should name your ship “M/S The Great Swallow”

  16. Only came here for the semen comments lol

  17. This video title belongs on pornhub

  18. No dude there’s much better ways of enjoying seamen

  19. LevelCap, this is the best thing that has happened on this channel in a long time 👍 More of this!

  20. Stop at the Minekaze, it doesn’t get better.

    If you love Torps, go for the Tier 4 German DD, it has 2 single Forward torps + side torps.

    • I would say I have to disagree. The Tier 7 Akatsuki and T8 Kagero are excellent destroyers on the Japanese side. Kagero at the moment is probably my favourite destroyer in the game because of its excellent stealth capabilities (when properly specced you can reduce the detection range to 5,3 km!).

      I do agree on the T4 German destroyer btw, that’s a very fun ship. It’s such a shame that higher Tiers don’t have that configuration anymore, it would have made German destroyers more unique.

    • Fletcher would probably be the best for him.

      Excellent torps + great guns makes it really versatile if he wants to try other play styles.

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