The Most Insane 7 Minutes You’ll Ever See! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. Sei un mostro 😲💪

  2. That was à crazg game ! 🔥💯

  3. Holy Moly 😮 what a great game. Super well played 💪👍🔝

  4. Great entertainment. Nicely played

  5. Awesome gameplay man!

  6. And I thought my 168k max damage was good 💀

  7. Loved it! The Yamato v Rupprecht made me laugh! 😅😅😅

  8. This match was really fast paced. Did not feel like 7 minutes

  9. *-26k dmg from Yamato.
    Great game I’m hesitating of picking this ship up. 🤔

  10. 3:26 I’m surprised that Marco Polo didn’t back out after that Yamato died

  11. Amazing game, i would love to see the commander he is using.

  12. Kudos to Smwuf for an amazing game. My favorite is still the triple Georgia 2 brothers push you did along with Tommyboy and Dirty Mike. Anytime I have a bad day, that video has never failed to cheer me up. The Jean Bart and Suzuya getting blasted into oblivion always has me laughing my butt off. The moments in between still have me at the edge of my seat despite watching the video many times.

  13. 15 torp hits. No words

  14. BaguetteManufacturer

    Insane game there! Rupprecht slaps when it is played correctly!

  15. Still wanna see triple schleifen on 2 brothers mid push

  16. Thank you so muchh Spartan for putting my video ❤ i felt like i used up my entire decade worth of luck for a game like thiss

  17. Oohh that Yama insta-kill felt 2nd hand nyut ❤️🥵

  18. God that was fastest 300k reach , perfect game

  19. WTF bro what’s a battle! The greatest 7 minutes in his life?!

  20. Crazy, Yammy wants a throwdown, Ruprecht is like “hold my beer…!”

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