The Most Intense Mid Push in Montana! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. Ridiculous game Spartan I like seeing all the content creators getting everyone together by going down middle

  2. Awesome game, dude!

  3. I rammed someone head on earlier today. There was me (BB) and teammate cruiser left against a full hp BB and a half health cruiser. The enemy BB turned head on to me while enemy cruiser was to my right wailing HE on me and I had less than half health left. So I took my final 2 salvo at cruiser and went YOLO into battleship to take out full health battleship to give my team mate a good chance at taking out last cruiser. Totally worth it.

  4. Great video spartan
    U should make shirts on “we leave him with just enough”

  5. Wow. 1 captain giving up their broadside in a legendary game and another who doesn’t understand the concept of locking his guns…… Smh

  6. Middle push is always an interesting gamble. I get too aggressive sometimes but it happens to the best of us when you’re having fun!
    This particular game everyone sees how eager I get to swing those rear turrets around. BIG MISTAKE🤣 GGs

  7. That Montana is such a tank! That was me in the Ochakov. I meant to straighten up and reverse back behind you after the torps, but wasn’t quite agile enough and hit the island.

  8. Yo spartan. I’ve been experiencing and idk which setup I should run. Which is better?

    William sims- Andrew Cunningham- otto ciliax

    William sims- Andrew Cunningham- Palo di revel

    I normally run otto ciliax for the Ap damage

  9. LauncesMechanist

    Actually, it looks like you didn’t get a Dev Strike, instead you got Fireproof. As always, great video Spartan!

    On the subject of ramming, I was playing a match trying to get my French BB line to Tier IV and I spot my teams carrier getting stalked by the Kaiser. I put my coms on, he can’t respond but he hears me and I tell him to move to my position, which he does. Long story short, I manage to save my team’s carrier and as I’m going bow into the Kaiser, he realizes he’s the only one left on his team and just rams me right on the nose, taking both of us out and thus ending the match with my team the victors.

    Not what I had planned to do but it was a fun match regardless.

  10. Awesome…. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I’ve never seen a better mid push on two brothers

  12. I find the Montana really hard to play as my I am way too aggressive and solo push so I tend to play with yamato

  13. Spartan+Montana=❤

  14. Sebas van den ouden

    Just got het yesterday..and boy oh boy 😍 what A ship 👌🏻

  15. I was the Roma that pushed up the right did 87k 33 hits and 2 citadels, was against the mass, vlad, suzu, in the beginning and the GK crossed over. Was trying not to be burned down and spot for Spartan up the middle and save my side. GG again

  16. GG well played.

  17. Royal Knight Howe

    I can only imagine if Amagi could go though mid two brothers, I hope to eventually see that vid but that was one hell of a game in Montana!

  18. Will to rebuild is cool, but for me it force’s you to have to rely on people to much. From my experience it’s been useless. I use fight fire with fire 🔥. It works better for me. Also, I’m not sure if there’s a problem with damage saturation when it comes to HE shells. I feel like even after being burned for quite a while I still take quite a bit of damage regardless.

  19. That was intense, that’s exactly why we play this game. For those battles that are crazy exciting.

  20. As I was watching this video, I was looking through some gameplay footage to post on my YouTube. I was deleting some useless screenshots and bad games but I just accidentally deleted footage of one of my best games ever. 🤦 4.8k base xp, 215k dmg, 7 kills and six medals. FML

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