The most LOVE I ever got in 1 match – World of Warships

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Boy oh boy did we get some love this match. Both teams were out to get us, in chat at least. Didn’t stop me from doing my thing wreaking havoc…which probably inspired even more hate xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I remember back in the day when WG remove jet fighters from tier 10 CV because they were “too strong”, now look at this shit.

  2. Been playing 6 years but only this year finally got around to do all the cv lines, I lost around 20 karma points win or lose people on both sides get salty.

  3. The AA effects are awesome
    I wish the console version had these effects

  4. Last drop was like 26k damage on that other CV….ridiculous.

  5. Everyone knows that Flambino is a Daring “main”. Any game not in a Daring is rare indeed.

  6. Imagine trying to have fun in this game and this happen.

  7. Three and a half minutes and only 51k – slacking!! This ship is fine and balanced.
    Hope you enjoyed lunch 😛

  8. that carpet bombing of the USSUS was just beautiful <3

  9. “CV’s and subs are toxic to Karma”… Flambass – ‘Hold my Beer, this is how it works…” Got serious ‘Love’ from both sides… Love your vids man!

  10. CV players can be seen as a lower lifeforms, u can just feel how much fun the other 22 people have…

  11. That Yamagiri smoking the line of sight for you was actually a decent move.

  12. Sounded like a reasonable explanation of why you became a CV main.

    My favorite part of the match was when the DD pushed too far on the eastern flank with not support and then shit-talked you when he died.

  13. When carrier meets carrier balans. Certainly had a good laugh this round.

  14. CesarinPillin Gaming

    Ironically, that Yama was saving you with his smoke.

  15. GG Flambass, that was a lot of damage.

  16. Chameleon Scheimong

    I’d give that Yamagiri a compliment for that “go report yourself” line alone 🤣 Guy doesn’t speak much but knows who’s carrying whom

  17. 4:27 A single hit knocks out the Shima’s torpedo tubes, the engine, and the steering … A single hit. Brilliant, WG.

  18. LOL! -20 Karma from your team, -20 Karma from the other team, for a grand total of -40 Karma. Daum that’s a lot of love.

  19. As a cruiser main, that last stand bug needs to be fixed already. It’s been fun, but it’s getting old.

  20. I saw a lot of vids where people who play Eagle will always kill the United State (if opponent CV) first as Eagle’s bombers can easily penetrate US top deck armor. Like 3 runs with bombers and US is dead.

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