The Most Powerful Battleship I’ve Ever Played! (World of Warships)

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  1. It feels strange seeing Spartan explaining what wows is

  2. let’s go spartan!! please bring more wows content

  3. It’s nice to see some different content in terms of warships. More WoWs PC content would be really appreciated!

  4. excellent commentary great game no snipe interruption i would love to see more of this

  5. That’s awesome man! Love to see this stuff

  6. Nice video Spartan. I was surprised to see you playing on PC and not Xbox as usual. Do you have access to the submarines that would make some interesting content in my opinion.

  7. Just started playing WoWs pc and even though seeing some of these ships that we don’t have on legends is exciting I’m just not sure that I’m up for the grind again 😩

  8. I just started playing on pc as well…its different and fun!! I really enjoy the differences..

  9. I’d love to see a live stream of this game Mr.S!

  10. I wonder if Spartan is gonna bring (commercial or war) flight simulator to the channel. That would be awesome!

  11. Been watching Spartan for a long time now, even though I am PC a very entertaing guy by the way. And yes I would love to see you hop aboard a PC ship once a week or so. OMG! You could hop in a sub….😂

    • Glad you enjoy and I may start playing pc more to be honest I’m enjoying it though my main account will take a lot of grinding

  12. The American super Yamato the maximum battleship the greatest of gilded Glory that if America had ever built it it would have put any other Battleship on the drawing board to shame I hope they bring the Vermont to Legends sometime in the future but if not it’s glorious to see it

  13. Good stuff Spartan, such a difference hearing you so calm and collected, and professional. Really tight stuff, keep it up ❤️

  14. Literally, Spartan’s dream ship to play in wows legends. But this counts, too.

  15. Hey spartan love watching the streams keep it up I am planning to donate a huge amount on paypal so you get all of it

  16. Love your videos Spartan keep up the good work and thank you for the quality content.

  17. Vermont is a nasty ship in the right hands, she does have long reload I believe. Every gameplay I seen her in people tend to fire the front guns then the rear to stagger the reload.

  18. The Stickman Gamer

    Hey spartan, quick tip! with the AA guns if you press O on the side of the ship you’re looking at, it will increase the number of bullets being fired at the planes.

  19. I may not be a wows player, but if they add a 12 18incher, then they should add a japanese battleship with 9 20inchers to keep it even with disperson as good as the vermont, with lower reload, and higher range

  20. This ship reminds me of new mexico. Slow but especially deadly on long to medium range. I usually try going frurther in on the start to compensate for slow speed so I close the range. Then wreak havoc among cruisers and uncareful battleships.

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