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  1. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    Most Satisfying (even with the occasional whining flambino in the background).

  2. Some footage is still from my earlier streaming times 😀 I am happy to see that the stream improved so much over the years!

    • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

      I noticed you reported a fire on a cv, and that he damage controlled. Was there ever a time when fires were persistent on carriers?

    • Not sure which is better, seeing them die from 1000 cuts Minotaur or devstruck by GK

    • War es dir unangenehm den Clip vom Versenken der haku mit der nakhimov einzufügen? Der Schmerz ist immernoch präsent. 😀

  3. 210% total satisfaction gamegasme. 😂

  4. My favorite one was when you come around an island and there were two of them there. You were so happy. “YES!!! Zey are both here!!!” I literally laughed out loud watching that one.

  5. CV bashing! So satisfying 😊

  6. Stuff and whatnot

    Those snippets of subs taking out CVs are the thing most likely to get subs removed from the game.

  7. Gertjan Ermstrang

    Mr. Trenlass, Thank you so much for this, i’m a happy man

  8. Hello trenlass been awhile. Got stuck by Covid so I couldn’t watch or comment on vids but good to see your contents still fun

  9. I could watch an hour straight of piggy destruction.

  10. Laughed all the way through. Still laughing. Nice to see a bloke who loves his work.. Thanks an cheers

  11. me watching trenlass kill cv’s for 15 minutes: this, does put a smile on my face

  12. I know it’s only January 4th, but this is by far the best thing I’ve seen on Youtube this year.

  13. Fauzan Ilham Nabil

    i love all the most satifying clip is just killing a cv

  14. Really enjoyed this one !

  15. I’d vote for best vid of 2023. LOVED this, although it was missing my favorite moment from

  16. Yes this is the best compilation for cv destruction. A+ sir

  17. Just a plane and simple vid on the most satisfying moments of the game! That’s how we like it!

  18. I knew from the title of this video that it was Trenlass destroying as many CVs as possible…LOL. Awesome compilation!

  19. Ya know, some WoWs players complain about carriers. But Trenlass…he takes action!

  20. This CV killing content is so therapeutic to watch. Thanks Trenlass

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