THE MOST TOXIC BATTLESHIP IN THE GAME – Thunderer in World of Warships – Trenlass

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Hello boys and girls. I hope you are all doing well. Thank you for all the support. Stay safe and healthy.

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  1. ah yes, naval flamethrower

  2. Trenlass sure does love his HE spamming ships

  3. That rudder shift alone is insane.

  4. 7.15 i feel his pain 😢💔

  5. yup old flint needs its reload rebuffed and range extended to atleast atlantas 13.34kil considering her and the flint have to fight tier 9 ships with 26mm(ifhe) of pen i dont think having 13.34kil range is asking for much

  6. Try some peroxide in your ear, it will help dry it out. just a couple of drops should do every couple of days.

  7. tbh, before reading/seeing the ship name, I immediately thought “Petro?” lol

  8. Hey now. As one of the few Thunderer mains using mostly AP I have to remined you that we do in fact exist.

  9. why can’t my teams push together like that

  10. Soren Dockstader-Anderson

    Go to a pharmacy or drug store and get the “swimmers ear” medication and pour it in the affected ear And stuff a cotton ball in it before bedtime. Should be dried out by morning

  11. Witchcraft! You went past the C line in a Thunderer! And fired Ap!!

  12. Still amazes me that a ship that is so easy to kill doesn’t get focused down early on.

  13. Personally if I get water in my ear the way to cure it is to sleep on the side of the ear which has the problem. So right ear means sleep such that right ear is pointing down into the pillow. Water should trickle out overnight. It’s only a couple of drops usually.

  14. …Cannon to right of them, Cannon to left of them, Cannon behind them Volley’d and Thunderer…

  15. 18:14 First place Goliath nice HE spammer, second place Thunderer another nice HE spammer and third place Harugumo the good HE spammer. Well that is todays Meta.

  16. All they need to do is very simple, yet for some reason it’s not happening. I have raised a ticket to WG on the Thunderer matter, drop the fire chance to 35-40%, drop 10-20% on the HE Alpha and restore the initial 24.3 km range, that’s it, nothing else, and it would be great. I remember one of the initial reviews from Flamu, it said “A marksman’s dream”, that is what it’s supposed to be, not an HE spammer. Thank you for the vids, Trenlass!

  17. Great video on another excellent CV, er I mean Thunderer game.

  18. I’m wondering why everyone beats on the Thunderer, while it is the Conquerer, that is more dangerous at all – it has more DPM, better heals and better range. And Thunderer in close fights is more like a joke – well, it did work here, because of an incompetent enemy, but usually it gets wrecked in no time.

    • the accuracy and pen is way better on the thunderer thats why 😀 but both are toxic

    • @Trenlass I had a lot Thundi vs Conqui shootouts in the last weeks – the problem of the Thunderer he dies from the HE spam, I live at 90-100%
      What most HE spammer dont realize: You do the Conquerer (unlike any other ship) a favor to shoot it with HE. With AR skilled, the ship only becomes stronger and when it gets too bad, it heals up for 40k+.
      That’s why the Conquerer is a “Badass” and the Thunderer a “Wannabe” 😉

  19. Thunderer HE is broken, but that opening sighting of the Yoshino is why I always start the battle loaded with AP. Always a good chance a cruiser moving up is spotted at the start and Thunderer AP is devastating.

  20. Yoshino main armament is torp dude…every server have player with that mentality

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