The new dumbest game mode | World of warships

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  1. If only you could get heroic achievements, the insanity of halsey/yamamoto/sansonetti captains with a 30% reload buff and the reload buff from kraken / confederate .

  2. This is like the opposite of randoms. Randoms is where everyone bordercamps and snipes. In Arms Race, everyone starts YOLOing to the middle of the map.

    The upgrades is incentive enough to make the players push because the team with the most upgrades wins the games. My Marceau with AR, BFT, and 3 reload buffs with 3 heal upgrade with a fully saturated hull turned it in to a 1 second “fun and engaging” experience for the enemy team.

    This is one of the cases where it did the job (putting upgrades as an incentive to push) extremely too well that it broke the game (everyone starts YOLOong)

  3. Hey, great video, just one thing: It‘s actually pronounced „Der Grosse“ with an S instead of a B. The ß is called „sharp S“ in german. It has kind of fallen out of use in the language because two S directly after each other make the same sound. Just thought i‘d let you know!

  4. arms race is fun, and their should be a much more fun game mode than border camping and sniping and taking control points that never change position, not everything has to be competitive

  5. When you get a team who just refuse to collect buffs. That makes the game insane.

  6. I like it, never had as much fun with my GK. Maybe your theory with the bots is right

  7. I knew that putting the game mode in random would mean nobody would know how to play the objective, I didn’t expect them to play like the coop ai

  8. Almost every game I played in Arms race has been decided in first 5 minutes of the match – one team oblitarates enemies who YOLO into buff’s cause they get radared and focused, and when they die it is just cleanup of the rest of their team.

  9. The problem I had playing the Gearing, I would spot fire once or twice and the other DD, then I would watch it evaporate from all the other gun fire.

  10. Its the fact that win or lose, it doesn’t effect your stats so players are not going to take it serious

  11. I was playing last night in my Benham and on several occasions I gunned down a gunboat DD because they were that brainless. I have no words.

  12. irl the Thunderer would have a “mechanic” reload time of 40 seconds, but salvoes would go out one every 2-3 minutes because putting shells into the tubes is just one of the many things to do when shooting these guns. But eh, who cares.

  13. Let’s face it, I’ve been playing 6 years and every time I play I quit after a couple games in a very bad mood. Its fucking insane how bad the player base has become. Nobody seems to know how to play their ships and I feel forced to make up for their intense stupidity. I get salty and just have to quit or get chat banned. It wasn’t this way in 2017 and 2018.

  14. The Thunderer is a ship that gives the CV experience without playing an actual CV

  15. Surely it’s the fact it’s new, people don’t know how to manage the power ups around the map – so sail round it circles instead? Trying to retain my faith in humanity haha

  16. It depends on your team playing well also . Sometimes no matter how well you play if team is useless you still lose . Sometimes you have a 5 game winning streak or a 10 game loseing streak no matter how well you play . 200k games damage common with thunderer in this format reguardless of results from rest of the team and still lose . Players mostly playing too close and getting in multi crossfire situations . Suspect most players are of limited expierence at tier 9 and 10 so are attempting too much yolo and relying on the buffs to survive . Too many are playing like co-op game and not realising that the opposition shoot straighter than bots do . Fun when winning but frustrating when on a loseing streak . Realitivly fast ship + accurate guns with a good rate of fire + heals required along with positioning seams to be the best chance for success . A little patience at the start is normally rewarded as early yolo normally fails .

  17. I love this gamemode its total madness.

  18. I agree that Thunderer is a great ship. Best coal I ever spent. 👍

  19. it is randoms with powerups so the matches are over even faster. Blowouts are the norm here even more so then regular randoms.

  20. Prisoner of the Highway

    I never got past the Georgia lol. That thing at max speed with all the buffs is an absolute Chad.

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