The “new” Prinz Eugen – World of Warships

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  1. What is new?

    • Giloup92 Now it gets repair party

    • Well… big change, but it was not underpewered, so i dont see the real point in this… but y not?

    • It was underpowered, just like the atago before she gets the repair party. Eugen was like a “worse Hipper” until now. And why would u play a bad Hipper if you just could play…. well.. hipper. Besides that… even Hipper was not THAT good. So Prinz Eugen rly needed those buff

  2. It looks like Bismarck…

    • sases 2 German look.

    • That was a point of confusion at the Battle of the Denmark Strait actually… The British thought the heavy cruiser was Bismarck and concentrated their fire on her at first leaving Bismarck free to engage Hood.

  3. The Prinz Eugen has just arrived on World of Warships Blitz.

  4. ABDULLAH suleiman

    still sucks

  5. Der Coole GearKiller

    Nahja ging so das Video der Spieler hatte sich ein wenig Doof angestellt.
    Hat lieber sein Schiff gezeigt und so das sich immer die Kanonen in die falsche richtung gedreht hatten.
    Und an stat auf die Kreuzer mit AP zu schiesen hat er lieber HE genommen so hat er weniger Schaden gemacht auf die Kreuzer.
    Er hätte also mehr Damge machen können und mehr Versenken können aber nahja so sind die Spieler ebend.

    • Jo, vor der Amagi wär ich auch nicht geflohen. Wenn man am Ende noch so viel HP hat, dann ab in den Nahkampf mit deutschen Schiffen !

  6. Que buen video Panzer!! ?

  7. If Prinz eugen has 8 sec reload, it’s basically bringing Hindenburg to a t6 games…

  8. Not convinced that the ship is sufficiently different from Hipper to justify buying it, but I’ll admit the Repair Party is nice.

  9. would be cool if they could buff the akizuki now.. i mean in real life the akizuki had 5 turrets and not 4 and the dmg is just sh*t compared to the akatsuki, a gunboat (the akizuki) cant win a gunfight vs a one trick pony ship (akatsuki with focus on torpedos)

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