THE NEW ULTIMATE CAP CONTESTER – Vampire II in World of Warships – Trenlass

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  1. “This thing is shitting on the Z-52.”
    Yes, yes it is…Wargaming absolutely shits on German DDs.

  2. This thing is going to absolutely destroy all the other cap contesting DD’s.

    • Except Smaland, even Friesland can still stand a chance depending on skill of the players, only 10k dpm behind, so accuracy would be the determining factor. Z-52 has a good chance too if it’s hydro is used properly.

  3. on a 1 v 1 capfight Ill still take Smaland. But I am absolutely getting this thing as well

  4. Kroka Scotzerland

    Vampire is the wrong name. If you heal the ship by making dmg, that would be a real vampire

  5. This ship reminds me of a Haida, even the play style is really similar, its like a T10 Haida

  6. Hastur, the King in Yellow

    > Ship is called Vampire
    > Doesn’t suck

    Something’s not right here…

    • would be better if they had the original scrap iron flotilla vampire in the game

    • @Steven Li no they don’t, that is the hms valkyrie, HMAS Vampire was originally HMS Wallace. They are the same class yes, but valkyrie was never in the scrap iron flotilla

  7. Yay! Go Vampire and cheers Trenlass for taking her out! Nice to see WG made an Aussie ship that isn’t crap

  8. At the end: typical shima doing shima things. Is 3 vs 1, has more HP, yet instead of using his guns he decides to launch desperate torps towards his teammates and starts running away still without shooting.

  9. Blyatiful balans comrade. Good work with the daily videos.

  10. We’ll played match Trenlass. Just so much skill, I got to learn from your tactics.

  11. This ship was still in service in the Royal Australian Navy when I joined in 1979. A very formidable ship in her day with many Australian sailors happy to have served in her. She was a sister ship to HMA Ships Vendetta and Voyager.

  12. “Supposed to be a worse Daring”

  13. Matthew Klestinski

    This has excellent potential for shadowing another ship into island areas, putting down the rolling smoke for your friend, and then being in the right place to wreck a Shima doing its “I must torp, here is my broadside” wriggle. No one anticipates that much gun DPS from you yet.

  14. True good tipp

  15. This is how a Z-52 should play !!!

  16. Michael Søndergaard

    okay. you went right to left when you put on gear. my OCD was just about to kill me watching that:-(

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