THE NO FLY ZONE SQUAD | World of Warships

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Don’t let your Kidd play with Ducks…


  1. This is what I have been waiting for thx Denarmo. ❤️

  2. Jake from greatfarm

    probably the best birthday gift i could’ve gotten, its beautiful

  3. This is the best squad that I’ve seen so far to this year.. Love it

  4. Denarmo’s NFZ Squad: *exists*
    CVs: Hahaha, I’m in danger

  5. I love the intro!

    Totally not biased at all XD

  6. Surprising Lack of High Quality Bread here :3

  7. That was the best intro I’ve ever seen well done lads

  8. Production quality: Yes.

  9. The viewers have been blursed by this video and I love it. This is top tier content and definitely one of the better pieces of content on this channel, it overflows with so much love and creativity. Congratulations for this amazing work !

  10. And they said therapy was expensive. This is all the therapy I need.

  11. Alexander Nevsky, Mall Cop

  12. I was oddly hypnotized by the dancing

  13. You’re gonna have to redo this once Fen Yang comes out since it has Defensive AA Fire!

  14. Brain: how many times do you want to watch this
    Brain: well..
    Me: yes

  15. and WG thinks that this is player griefing, I call it balancing

  16. Your music choice is somehow simultaneously both terrible and absolutely on point

  17. Denarmo: *post new vid*
    Me: This maneuver will cost *me* 51 years to *catchup*

  18. This was the best shit to enjoy my morning coffee with.

  19. Yeah no, this ain’t a no fly zone. This is a no existence zone

  20. Justice has been delivered.

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