The Obsidian – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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The Obsidian, or TITT Rozanov, is a T8 Soviet premium in World of Tanks! It’s a hybrid sniper with armour and easy to get! Here’s all you need to know!

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  1. This tank is amazing to over angle or angle the side! ( btw jg pz e100 hates your side armor, too much spaced armor )

  2. It is extremely easy this time. Wonder why WG is being generous. Suspicious

  3. I played this thing a few times last night. It’s surprisingly durable. ROF on the gun is decent. Though even with turbocharger it’s a slow med.
    Overall, I’ve enjoyed it. The wheels on front are bizarre.

  4. Obsidian? Dang, we may need diamond rounds instead of gold rounds.

  5. If this was a paid premium, it would probably have 160 hull armor, no weakpoints, 250 turret armor, go 50-60, with maybe ~280 premium pen.

    Oh well, it’s free, right?

  6. You would think this tank should have preferential MM to keep it away from T10.

  7. Ho Huynh Quoc Chuong

    The boss you fight vs. when you unlock it as playable character.

  8. Yes, your deduction of this tank was accurate during the second game: if you know your maps, know your tank, the enemy drives out in front, the enemy ignores you and the enemy doesn’t fire gold, you can do well in this tank.

    Props to another spot-on depiction of what to expect while playing in a typical game with typical enemies.

  9. A little tip I discovered: On tanks that struggle to reach their top speed (IS-7, Kranvagn, and this tank), the Grousers equipment seems to help the acceleration better than the Turbo. But when the tank can reach it’s top speed easily, Turbo helps the acceleration better.

  10. The guy who raised his gun in salute just before he died, a total class act.

  11. This tank looks like it should be able to use certain enemy tanks as ramps. No collision, you literally just drive on top of them.

  12. Can’t wait to grind the event, get this tank and permanently use it while playing against t9 and t10 for how lucky I am during matchmaking 🤣🤣🤣

  13. This thing should honestly be tier 7

  14. It would have been more FTP if you’d used a low skill crew to match the regular equipment. Just a thought. Love the reviews!

  15. This thing is the beer bellied big brother of the t-34, and I love it. I’ve been running it with grousers in the mobility slot with a bounty turbo and bounty rammer.

  16. The grousers actually makes you faster on medium then the turbo does. I’m gonna try Grousers, Rammer, Turbo on mine to be honest, being able to hit 47 on medium seems like it would compliment the tanks DPM pretty well for getting into a decent position.

  17. I saw one in a random battle on the first day of the event. He was killed immediately which leads me to believe it can be bought (I have not bothered to check) or he used a boosting company. No, he was not a CC. He drove out into the open and got hit by my arty and several of my team mates while stunned. Seems like a great city tank.

  18. Use grousers in any case. Even with excellent crew, turbo gives only a slight advantage on hard terrain, while grousers make it still better on medium and soft terrain. And it’s also going to always turn faster with grousers

  19. I took one look at that miniscule turret, and immediately wondered where the hell WG got about 4 of those 6 degrees of gun depression from!

  20. Seems like this style of gameplay can be massively bettered by the recently buffed Turtle1 which can be tuned to an insane 4k dpm, has much better gun dep, plays the hull-down game very strongly and if you use a bounty or bond turbo isn’t going to feel much slower than this Obsidian for all of those superiorities.

    The reason I mention the Turtle1 is it pops up on the weekly tanks for gold offer which actually does offer a few really strong tanks so if you like the Obsidians style of play, take a good look at that Turtle1 whenever it’s featured for gold.

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