The One and Only OMAHA F2P WoWS

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Ofc I was gonna start the Des Moines tech tree grind and that means going through some ships which I thought I would NEVER have to play again.

In this case Omaha, but you know what is the worst part of Omaha?

The worst aspect of Omaha isn’t the fact you get citadeled from every angle from just about anyone, thw worst aspect of Omaha is that once you’re done with it, the next ship in line is PENSACOLA

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  1. Omaha is what dds would play like if they had citadels

  2. Omaha is a pretty good ship good DPM, exelent range, good maneuverability. Only problem you are glass cruiser, but all cruisers at tier 5 are glass so you can easly citadel them.

  3. I never had much luck with the omaha. well I had plenty of luck getting sunk in it.

  4. Actually, the Omaha is actually quite fun, if the game is not too uptier…

  5. Omaha is a test of who has an IQ over room temperature.

  6. Always fun and good entertainment :)…thx!

  7. I, for one, really enjoyed my time with Omaha.
    Stay at max distance to anything thats a threat to you, never stop shooting & never stop dancing.
    50k avg dmg with Omaha and a 63% WR.
    And if I have a reason to play T5 I still like to pick her.

  8. I had a flashback: rmember the days when players had US cruisers with fully AA builds to protect the friendly fleet against enemy CV attacks? BBs best friends. Pensacola ftw 😉

  9. Flambass and low tier ships, almost always a fun watch. Clemson, Okhotnik, Omaha,…/ Indeed it was.

  10. As far I remember Omaha could not upgrade its gun and the shots landed (or splashed) all around the enemy ships. Then after a update the guns upgrade were added and Omaha become a fun ship to play.

  11. It would have been so funny you made a insta-port with that ship, nice play

  12. The Omaha class were obsolete almost as soon as they were commissioned. Intended as “Scout Cruisers” (equivalent to British light cruisers of WWI), they were meant to range ahead of the battle fleet to locate the enemy, as well as to prevent enemy scouting forces from locating ours. That’s why it has the very tall masts–to accommodate the wire antennae for long-range HF radios. It was given heavier firepower than its foreign equivalents (which generally carried 4-inch guns), and was armored accordingly. But it was never meant to duke it out with the enemy battle fleet (as later light and heavy cruisers were).

    The arrangement of its main armament was antiquated even before it was launched, especially the stacked casemates for the 6-inch guns. Other navies had already gone to super firing turrets to provide equal firepower on either broadside, but with four fewer guns. The torpedo tubes were meant as weapons of opportunity, or to be launched into he path of oncoming enemy battleships to assist in disengaging.

    However, the whole concept of the scout cruiser was obsolete by the 1920s, because aircraft had improved greatly and could scout well over the horizon, rendering the scout cruiser redundant, yet too weak to take on more modern enemy cruisers. During World War II, they had a spotty record at best, and were too tight and top heavy to accommodate the massive increase in light anti-aircraft guns needed for self-defense. They lost their torpedo tubes, as well as the casemate guns, to make room for 40mm and 20mm anti-aircraft guns. By 1943, they were mostly relegated to convoy escort.

  13. I play Omaha for about 90% of my games, even after 8 years. It’s a fun ship, takes some skill to not get paddled out of existence, and the games are usually fast and furious. When in a T7, take a little slower, but still can deliver high damage due to the range. DASchamp

  14. Omaha will always have a special place in my heart. Once i didn’t play for almost 2 years and my first battle when I came back was on Omaha. I did kraken, high caliber and confederate on T6 game with no bots.

  15. I used Omaha in one battle, the last Tier V Ranked, and one of my teammates was going off in chat on how I needed to be Unicom to play that in Ranked. Well, I have 54% win rate in random battles with no division play and 57% solo in Ranked. We won that match, and I earned more XP than the anxious player. To all the critics of Omaha, it isn’t a bad ship. You need to know how to play it.

  16. I liked this ship even though it’s armor is basically wax paper. You can turn in circles with it and still always have at least 3 or 4 guns in arc.

  17. Omaha is a beast except those random times where you eat all the cits and you are left dazed and confused on how that happened before you realize it was not from the ships on your side of the map but from a sniping kongo or Fuso on the other side of the map

  18. I remember when I 1st ground the USN CA lines and think they can’t all be this good right and then got to the Tier 7 pepsi can which when you finally learned how to play pensacola it was a op ship but it took awhile to realize they key at that time was be really close to BBs and they would just Over pen while you pump AP into there cits

  19. I remember when BFT and AFT skills still applied to Omaha’s guns, it made her a monster along with the 6″ gun Mogami

  20. So…… are we not gonna talk about how the CV couldn’t find the AFK enemy Omaha that was still in their spawn point?

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