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Some replays feature incredible solo performances, today I give you what has to be the most fantastic random battle teamplay I have witnessed in my thousands of battles in !

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  1. General Cartman Lee

    The one battle that makes you keep playing the game even when the next 9 matches your “teammates” have no clue what the game is all about.

    • It’s Battles like that , that keep give you faith in the world 🙂
      Well played Earl and the Team 🙂
      Thank you for that little ray of sunshine 🙂

    • I had a game in a taiho, enemy carrier never knew about strafing mechanics or manual drops. First accused me of cheating, after the battle i explained him how this works, so, there are those trully special players sometimes. Great game, i never had a game like this

  2. Carlos Enrique Mora González

    Teamed up with TTT and UFR you lucky bastard XD

  3. WOW you won the lottery with that team. Really fun to see.

  4. And that, my good sir, I how this game is played!

  5. Great game Grey! How far away from the Monarch are you? I just unlocked the Lion…

  6. Yay King George 🙂

  7. 2:17 “Yolo Artist”  lol, I’ll have to remember that one…

  8. The team might have been good, especially the UFR Atlanta and TTT Flint, but that CV of yours… 1-1-1 Lex trying to CV snipe a Shokaku who has DefAA, doesn’t even attempt to queue DoTs and then pulls his bombers back directly over enemy fleet… Yeah, pretty sure that that fighter you mentioned was nothing more than blind luck and a complete accident on his part.

    • Yeah if the CV wanted to help for real he would have defended the solo DD against the bombers, there is no need for fighter help over an atlanta and flint.

  9. Great CL division from TTT and UFR.

  10. I get ‘triggered’ by the British Voiceovers. Nobody here in England says ‘Lets show them what we’ve got chaps’, sure nobody needs to really, but I much prefer the ‘I need ‘ewlp (help)’ voiceover which sounds much more British than some of the others. They are just using stereotypical accents, which i’m not complaining about much, just to inform foreigners that we English are not posh, we are pohsh (p-oh-sh) 😉

    Don’ t worry that last bit is a joke 😛

  11. Text book? This game is more rare than a talking golden unicorn that gives wish-granting buckets of milk.

  12. also the people who defended your cap did a nice job

  13. Reading the minimap. Coordinating and focusing fire. Pushing TOGETHER (instead of being slaughtered 1 by 1). What strange voodoo is this?!?!

    In Standard Battles, it’s almost always better to defend. It’s easier and more likely to succeed. But watching that juggernaut push through the 7-8 gap was just great. Thanks.

  14. Hmm I know this is nit picking but I think if you stuck with HE when shooting at the angled Battleships you would have done more damage just because your in a British BB since it has inbuilt IFHE. But yeah it is nice when a team works well together and it seems to happen more often in wows then wot.

  15. Good players in OP ships vs mediocre to bad players in avg ships. Gee, wonder why it was a win?

  16. I want to show this video to every player who says the best way to win is to all bunch up in your cap 🙂

  17. holy sealclubbing shite , rank 1 OP divsions in flint and atlanta vs noobs with no radar…. filthy

  18. Ian & Caroline Duckworth

    Really great vid there I’ve learnt allot from that. I have a nasty habit of playing the ships as they would in real life and not adapt to the arcade style. So thanks again than vid made more sense to me than any other contributors attempts have. Well done

  19. Hmm. To be fair, if I saw a TTT and UFR player in front of me at spawn, I’d be sticking with them/supporting them too.

  20. me personally i probably would have used HE more. the Successful AP damage isn’t really that good. And the chances of setting more fires accumulates so much damage.

    I love the King George V. When you look at how much of your damage was from HE + Fires and the amount of AP shells you landed for the damage you dealt, the AP really just isn’t that good on the KGV.

    Close range on cruisers it’s nice but that’s about it.

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