The Petropavlovsk Review No One Asked For | World of Warships

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Only took me so long because I kept misspelling Petropavlovsk…

Soviet Connection – Michael Hunter
March of Nakhimov Naval School
Утро – Незнакомая сила


  1. Finally some Russian bais. Never saw that before in a WG title

  2. Spicy Intro

  3. “Heavy Cruiser”
    Gosh I blaped Yamato in this thing.

    • You can blap yamato in donskoi, nevsky, moskva, alaska, desmemes, yoshino and asuma as well, the Legend has been power creaped and stealth nerfed so many fuckin times, that the obvious nerf to its 100% needed legendary was just icing on the cake

    • @Corvette5 I mean like 40 or 50k in one salvo….not just a paddling

  4. okay but that intro doe

  5. Your editing at the beginning was really good.

  6. Once you’re below the 12-15 km line, dispersion suddenly gets its shit together and becomes pretty damn good. And with Petro’s speed and concealment, you can generally pick and choose your battles or just run when the situation becomes unfavourable. Meanwhile kiting with those ridiculous firing angles, zig-zagging like a champ thanks to the mind-blowing 360° turrets.

  7. These guns can even make battleship’s turret jam. Just jammed GK’s gun last night.

  8. I’m really starting to hate what’s happening with wg right know

  9. WarshipFeverBrawlingMan01

    Ok Denarmo what ever you do please don’t make a how to Pommern, because it burns down like the new US-BB line.

    Thanks, and keep up the good content.

    • Also dont forget that unlike FDG and GK it cant go nose in to Moosashi and Yamato, because it aperantly has Hindenburg’s armor made of german trollium

  10. Why is the editing so freaking 👏 Especially the intro.

  11. Hey now, I play Goliath every now and then when I want to feel insurmountable pain

  12. A cinematic intro displaying the stats of a ship? well done, do it more.

  13. I’m gonna have to correct you slightly. Ballistics alone doesn’t account for the change in penetration. It is litterally the same guns as Moskva, the shell is 30kg heavier, but it has a ludicrous FUCKING 3K KRUPP. The ship has so much damn krupp it breaks Newtonian physics, which why no matters if it’s balanced or not cannot accept this ship. There’s only so far I can stretch my bullshit-o-meter lul. A shell at less than half the weight, traveling 100m/s faster doesn’t suddenly make the shell as capable Kronshtadt’s 470kg shells going 900 m/s with scarcely any shell drag either, that’s just not how kinetic energy works lul.

  14. 6:03 well you’re not wrong about that thing in the Asia Server

  15. Spreadsheets said they were balans.

    *the intro tho.*

  16. The ship is designed to sit low so that the carrier mistakes it for a destroyer and goes to AP dive bomb someone else

  17. Use Roma play style: shoot only at battleships and cruisers, because you can’t hit Jack-shit shooting at anything smaller unless ya go point blank.

    • Actually in Roma you do not shoot cruisers- you focus BBs, and DDs, because of your fast shell velocity you can get 2-3 overpens on DDs even 14 km. Cruisers on the other hand… you shoot only super cruisers/ very heavy cruisers, because if you shoot anything else you get only overpens, because of your incredibly high penetration.

    • @Raven

      I usually only shoot BBs and then a few Cas. At WG the first battles (that’s how it feels to me) are great battles, and then things go downhill. So I can only say that Petro is super awesome and I have pressed enough BBs Citadels, such as: Yamis, Montys, Thunderers + Conqs. They were so x-12km away. Tomorrow I’ll play a few more battles again, if a “noob” like me creates good values ​​in the Petro, I don’t want to know what others are doing with it xd. I can still remember the first battle when a Thunderer came around the corner (8km), shows me his side and I first pushed him 35k dmg in xD. That’s so funny and sad at the same time xD. But you just have to have it and play with it.

  18. Even the designers knew exactly how bullshit low the ship would sit. Petro is the only ship in the game with a *_third_* wave breaker in the back behind the third turret, so that the helipad doesn’t get completely *_swamped_*

  19. I like how Daniel pronouces “Uno” like “you know”, you know

  20. unpopular opinion: The ship is not OP, but I don’t mind it getting a nerf

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