The power of reload booster || World of Warships

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  1. What a waste of 750k free xp of the player in that musashi

  2. in real world those 18inch shells would rip the Henry in pieces.. btw this Henry is way overpowered.

  3. Currently in Algerie and by the way the rest of the line looks I can say that it will be a smooth ride unlike other cruiser lines

    • No no no. German tier X and Zao is OP Henri is No Op

    • Look at Wooster, dude! That ship is the one fucking OP! STEALTH RADAR, low reload, can use HE. TOO MANY CONSUMABLES! FUCK that ship OP!

      n.b: Mino with radar is also FUCKING OP

    • LOL “OP” have you ever tried playing a 0.7.7 Henri back then? before WG add Reload booster, We henri player had a hard time dodging enemy shells while waiting our 10s guns to reload + our shells air drag is so slow because poor shells velocity that’s take forever to hit a 15km+ enemy ships, and we can easily receiving massive DMG, not only from BBs but also from IFHE DDs because Henri is really lack of armors for her size, and having 2nd bad concealment for cruiser after moskva, not only that, our guns cant keep up when we doing a hard turn and we bleeds a lot of speed, and guess what?

      If you want to pump up your 240mm HE shells to its peak that can penetrate 50mm armor you need equip a IFHE on her 240/6=40mm[Base HE penetrarion] 240(1+0.3)/6=52mm [IFHE HE penetration], that we must spend 4 point capt for that. While German TX Cruiser Hindenburg with her special “/4” He Penetration can Pen a 50mm armor with her 203mm 203/4=50.75mm rounded up to 51mm {HE Penetraion without IFHE]

      By adding reload Booster is really helpful for certain condition in short-medium range

      If you think Henri is OP, there’s something wrong about how you play a T-X MM.

  4. First comment.
    At the beginning of the battle, do not notice too much difference in the recharge time (2 seconds), until the second half of the battle I heard and notice that the recharge time had fallen to less than 5 seconds and I was WTF ???! and I thought that a 240-millimeter guns with that firing rate (comparable to that of a Des Moines) was almost crazy, hopefully not nerfed later … Regarding the battle itself, at least I found it relatively ordinary (Not too memorable but not a party of campers), and at least this Henri IV does what he does best, scatter fires among enemies without rushing against the enemy’s ships or flee in a cowardly way if they surprise or overwhelm him ( someone insert the joke about the French surrendering here).

  5. 10:03 R.I.P. Musashi x2)))

  6. This is the best example too see that this reload boost is totally overpowered. No ship had a chance to win a 1vs 1 …..
    And you see how easy every bad cruiser player can easy made 150k damage. I dont know what you all think but i think this boost is unfair for every player who had fight against thus ship. And i think if player see this ship in enemy team they will camp more in the back that they dont had to fight against him. Reload boost ok but then the Heal had to go…..

    • Keule50 So OP ? I don’t think so ! It only last for 15 sec. It’s not that much. And it would be useless to buff the ship at one point and to nerf it elsewhere as the ship is currently not balanced to other t10.

    • Keule50  Fucking stubborn this Keule50! Look at Wooster, dude! That ship is the one fucking OP! STEALTH RADAR, low reload, can use HE. TOO MANY CONSUMABLES! FUCK that ship OP!

      n.b: Mino with radar is also FUCKING OP

    • +Karaboudjan could you talk normal. I dont care what you say if you not talk normal.

    • +N W maybe you are wright but i think worcester is not so easy to paly as henry….if you are spotted you are dead….thats what i saw in battles…..and we will see what happened in future….

    • @Keule50 Worcester and Henri have definitely 2 totally different gameplay. However I won’t say that Henri is easier to play. In the wooster for sure you are fragile, but you are not Mino fragile, and you still have 5k hp more than Zao. Moreover I have faced lots of Wooster in BB and you put shit ton of overpen on this. And the ship is pretty much sitting very closely to the surface and is a very narrow target, while having an excellent manoeuvrability. All of this added to the bullshit ballistic of the shells (which allows you to spam he and fire behind an island without getting spotted), rate of fire, amazing detectability, radar, hydro, defensive AA (while already having the best AA of the game…). And don’t forget that you can put Halsey on it. Wooster has to be nerfed, it is sadly pure cancer.

  7. на бустере он успевает сделать 3 выстрела, что за бесполезный говно-расходник. иными словами используя бустер он получает всего 2(!!) доп выстрела. лол

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