The Power of Yamato is Still Unmatched! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. Seen a dude the other day in the shima that had like 2100 kills on that camo 🥴 glad to see the yami though it was my first legendary and I still don’t know her well

  2. That team was insane I kinda feel bad for the enemy team

  3. I started to researching the Yamato in the bureau. I think on the 5 star ⭐️

  4. I see Yamato on the title, I insta click. That cammo looks stupidly good too.

  5. Yamato is like to the other ships
    Yamato “call me daddy”

  6. Shooticuffs? 😂
    The clever Spartan is a dangerous Spartan.

  7. In regards to your video yesterday. I have been working on counter for the map spawning problem: A stealth battleship build. I got the Flandre down to a 12.6km detect range. Going try to Anhalt next.

    • Yeah concealment helps but unfortunately those that would benefit most from it are folks who dont understand that.. which is why I propose we move spawns back 5km

    • @jacobbradford7229

      Well until we get that, I’ll take what i can get. because i hate it too. Its almost as bad as the in game store prices on some things.

    • I wish their was a way to do that on German BBs without sacrificing accuracy. Maybe their is a way and I just haven’t figured it out yet.

  8. How do you get the quicker reload ?

  9. W video spartan. i cant wait to get yamato. keep up the work!! 😀

  10. 2 more segments and I’ll have it can’t wait!!!

  11. As a new player, who only plays battleships, I can’t to unlock this ship

  12. @AnthonyPorter-is9ht

    What is your commander set up for Yamato

  13. @animegamesmoviesandotherst3037

    Yamato is a great ship she is top, though I know that one day the WOWS H44 20in monsters well arrive to WOWL.

  14. Yamato still has to be the scariest ship to encounter in the game by far, when you get caught over angled in close proximity of a Yammy, you just have to pray to the Lord lol.

  15. Ah…the mighty Yamato, the ship that I play when I got a losing streak, just to end up winning every single game…

  16. Talk about missed opportunity for a great song!! This ship literally has its own song

  17. Definitely showed off the power of the Yama! I had a 280k and 2200 base XP loss in my Yamato the other day and man it felt bad 🙁

  18. Bro your shots are are so clean .. holy shit I can’t wait until I get my Yamato .

  19. I like the intro.

  20. hey, man. nice vids. i really want to play the yamato, but it really takes a while to get that ship. i play WoW Legends on mobile btw.

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