The Power of Yamato! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Loving the Yamato stuff!

  2. Spartan: Now this Wichita comes around the corner thinking he’s all that and a bag of chips, and unfortunately for him, he forgot that I existed.

    This made me fall out of my chair!!! 🤣

  3. Warship: _broadsides_
    Yamato: so you have chosen *death?*

  4. Day 1 of saying spartan is underrated

  5. When you get a citadel on a ship it’s not counted in the shells hit for some reason. So if you hit 4 regular hits and one citadel that means 5 shots hit.

    • Cat with a diphthong

      It’s the way the ribbons are tallied. So one shot doesn’t get two ribbons.

    • @Cat with a diphthong didnt think of that

    • @Cat with a diphthong Does that mean a Fire or Defended ribbon doesn’t get included as a hit too?

    • Cat with a diphthong

      Peter Lucas no. Fires and defended are tallied concurrently. So one shot can record two ribbons, but a single hit cannot record like it hit twice. Does that make sense? A ricochet (or any form of Contact, really) and a citadel are both ribbons that denote a shell has hit the target while a fire or defended characterizes what the shell did after it hit the target. That kind of thing.

  6. Jakob Abrahamson

    I can’t wait to fire those guns again, they sound sooo damn good!!!

  7. Wow am I glad that I’m researching the Yamato after I saw this video I can’t wait to use it.

  8. Keep these vids going, just like McDonald’s says, “I’m lovin’ it”

  9. Hello Spartan! Really nice video! I’m enjoying them more than before! I also wanted to tell you that I’ve sent you more subtitles just in case you didn’t notice, and I’ll be sending you in the next days prioritizing the last ones, so check out the contributions of the community. Maybe you have no time to do so, and I apologise if I’m bothering you. Anyway, thanks again and the best of luck 🙂

  10. Can’t wait to get Yamato for myself and i would love to squad up with you sometime

  11. Are you gonna do the großer kürfurst anytime soon? I wanna see a Bismarck on an Iowa’s workout routine😂

  12. Walter's Syndicate

    If spartan doesnt have a girl: get this man a wife

  13. Oh yes! I’m loving these episodes!

  14. I made a serious mistake I bought the vanguard, it is terrible

  15. Hey im wondering if they will ever add aircraft carriers

  16. Oliver Richardson gaming

    The vanguard was my first and is my only tier 7 but I’m never using it again

  17. Can’t wait to unlock this ship just takes forever

  18. If you’re a fan of the British Navy, look away!

  19. Hey Spartan! Just wanted to say it was an impressive game you played. I was on the opposite team in the Prinz Eugen and thoroughly enjoyed that particular game. Glad I got to see your perspective! Keep up the awesome content!

  20. Spartan, the second citadel you got on the Iowa was probably the shell ricocheting off and then hitting the citadel. Lucky stuff!

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