The Quickest Way To Get You World of Warships Anniversary Super Containers

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World of Warships’ Birthday is upon us, and that means glorious super containers for every Tier 10 ship you have, provided you either win or gain 300xp in a round. I break down the quickest way to grind it, which also happens to be the most enjoyable.


  1. The classic 3 minute co op challenge returns.

  2. Agreed, I really prefer Co-op for grinding out missions/events. Much faster, must less frustrating, and it’s still enjoyable on it’s own. Just don’t expect to get much credits or XP.

    • Used to be this way.
      But now we have morons/clowns playing subs.
      Spend half the damn game hunting/chasing subs.

    • @jeffrey mcfadden Exactly. And I have a total of more than 370+. Thank you Wargaming for wasting my time…again.

    • @jeffrey mcfadden I was grinding for the drydock missions last night and had subs in about every other battle, and yes, the ones with subs where a lot less fun. Less ships to actually fight/farm, and all it does is add 2-4 minutes on the end of each battle to sink the stupid things. Waste of time, made Co-op worse.

    • Even the players are better I find, more willing to chat and just have some fun. I jump into this after a few bad games or shitty players in random.

  3. Whelp, I just burned 1.2 million FreeXP and about 90 million credits to add four more Tier 10s to my stables. Yamato, Alexander Nevsky, Elbing, and Z-52. Might as well do it now.

    With 15 T10s, I fully expect to end Friday with 1500 Hotel Yankee signals.

  4. –I mostly play co-op, the atmosphere is much more relaxed & pleasurable than Random. Players are there (just like me) to have fun, & enjoy the game without anyone criticizing how you play, Co-op I think is more fun (although you make a lot less credits).

  5. Expect Wargambling to change that somewhere in the future.

  6. problem is subs slow down co op a fair bit these days, but agree its still quicker then doing randoms

    • +1 on this, bot subs usually go and hide, have to wait for the points to reach 1000. Only drawback to coop is lower XP/credit yield

  7. 186 ships worth of co op. It’s still going to take a while lol

  8. As a coop only player I agree with you that this mode is more relaxed and fun than random. I did a ton of missions there. Yes, the amount of xp and credits earned is less than ranfom but the match is not 15 minutes long. I dont have any t10 at the moment but maybe next year.

  9. I expect very little from WG these days.

  10. You’re better off than me, nothing about tier 7 … and taking a slow BB into co-op is a good way to not get much done!

  11. I love playing co-op. I only have one Tier VIII ship, so I look forward to watching other players’ streams and videos.

  12. @Chris Schack I just started & just getting ready to get my first Tier 6, so I agree – co op for me right now is mostly Bots & I don’t achieve much 🙂

  13. Use those flags and camos and you can grind out that t9 during the event and grab one, at least. I did Neptune to Minotaur in two days. I tried the same with FdG but I hated that boat and fxp’d it after ~50k.

  14. @Chris Schack Pending on the map, you need to have a decided location before the match starts to get the slow US BBs in good positions.
    If you miss and there is no action, you are out of the game as you can’t change your gameplan with the slow speeds.

    As for me, I am parked, so my sole T10 Thunderer will probably rust away in port for another year I suppose. (I quit around December 2019, the dreaded Puerto Rico incident.)

  15. even with subs, co-op is still more fun than random

  16. I have 13 Tier 10 ships, I can’t wait to be disappointed 13 times in a row!

  17. I forget who said it but essentially “If a person is determined enough and cares nothing of death, then no amount of security will keep them from assassinating someone” That’s how those Co-Op bots are. I’ve been surprised before by a yolo bot that I can’t kill fast enough.

  18. I definitely enjoy co-op. Particularly playing your weaker or power crept ships I used to enjoy playing.

  19. Agree with everything you say. BUT, if you are playing a non-premium T10 ship, especially a battleship, you are going to lose tons of credits with every battle, a lot of times even if you have a good game. Oh, and I should add, that’s even when you’re plying with a premium account.

  20. i so get this. i have been spending more time in co-op than any other mode. waiting for opps to come back so i can do more of those too. Zoup is right much nicer players and less salt overall.

  21. I play co-op mainly to take break from random and to break in a new ship. However, thing I noticed that has changed is now it has become a contest who can score the most kills. Granted you don’t have the frustration like random or ranked but. I’ve seen the same trend in scenarios as well.

  22. I just played a “Co-op grinding, super container getting” match with you. 51 T10s is quite the chore. I hope WG hasn’t tightened the screws on the Super Container RNG…

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