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Why did WG ignore the issue for 5 years? Is there really a fix inbound?
I highly doubt it.

Sources cited:

Game engine and server tech information:

Warships Population figures:
Tanks Population figures:

Guiness world record for World Of Tanks:

Further reading:
Discussion between game devs of the challenges of servers with high pings/loads in relation to physics and collisions:

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  1. Former? Oh, did you get Puerto Rico’d for what you said? Just curious how vindictive WGing are.

  2. So its just them being cheap. Figures.

  3. Eternally Angelic

    I’ve been saying this SINCE CLOSED ALPHA. 2 years before that post you found. So we’re talking literally 2012, 2013.. I was in the alpha test, and I reported this 5 times.. It never got fixed..

    • That’s my conclusion. The issue is simply too deeply intrinsic and the complaints WERE low enough to not warrant the investment/the scale of investment required is simply to large.

    • @iEarlGrey even so, the game play isn’t what it used to be before you know what update, in consequences these “fixes” haven’t change the fact they did exactly the same “balancing” they did in wot, to a point the game i found was more (balanced) then wot no longer is…
      but that’s another story that can never be fixed by just introducing tutorials…

    • @iEarlGrey of course the real question why the hell are they owning servers..? Near everyone one else on the planet running online game leases and there for can add a server or reduce the number of servers as demand warrants. Also allows then to run servers on current tech if they to pay a little extra, and from a business standpoint also reduce overhead by not having to maintain a staff to run the servers. For a company so obviously greedy they do some thing rather dumbly

  4. Cookoo 4 Coco Puffs

    At the start WG was doing what we asked but now they’re just doing what maked more money

  5. there are only two types of Hope, Bob Hope and No Hope, and Bob Hope has left town.

  6. Yes the DSync has been there since beta BUT recently its become 10x worse, whether thats down to increase player load or another reason it’s still got worse to the point hitting a ship dead centre will result in not a single hit detected
    And whats with the “former” employee , given the golden handshake for disagreeing with the almighty money grabbing Russians ?

    • Take a look in the description and see the link to the server population, in your opinion, does that match when you think it got worse?

      Can’t answer your question yet, sorry, lawyers and courts ya know 😉 all rather needlessly messy sadly.

    • @iEarlGrey I mean yea it does seem to coincide with the increase in players over the last few months , problem is that its getting to the point where the game just becomes unplayable at times but that again the whole PR cluster fck at Xmas meant i haven’t been playing as much as i used to.
      And yes I’m not surprised its become “messy” when it comes to that company , they come across as not being to keen on being told when they’re wrong , hope it gets sorted sooner rather than later.

  7. This yet another reason why I stopped playing my WOT account 5 years ago and will never take up WOWS.

  8. what ship could fire so fast it was removed?

    • Smolensk probably. But to be honest: I doubt it. Minotaur has been in the game for much longer and never been a problem (as far as I remember at least). Or Harugumo. Or Wooster.

    • I”m thinking the Smol 🙂

    • Absolutely Smolensk.

    • Yup I was referring to smolensk as part of a hypothesis. Other fast firing ships crossed my mind and I researched them. Minotaur entered the game back in 2016 and has been played 5.1 million battles with comparable stats to Smolensk acording to . Smolensk on the other hand, quickly amassed 2.1 million battles after her introduction in August 2019 and was pulled in 0.9.3, just over 6 months later…. the other ships are nowhere near as popular, even Worcester (introduced around 0.7.5 in 2018) has less battles to date (though only 34k less).

    • @iEarlGrey Smolensk was absolutely overpowered. Somewhat less so with the armour nerf. It cannot angle against battleship AP now on the sides unless the shots hit the angled citadel. Though many say it’s now retard armour as broadsiding battleships means constant overpens. I just can’t do it myself. Years of being accustomed to careful angling means I can’t get out of that habit and play like an idiot. That ship rewards the very worst players. Of course it does, it’s Russian. Just like the upcoming new cruiser line. Pretty much all stupidly overpowered. Then you have the Russian BBs that are basically the most powerful on the block.
      I used to play the game a lot. I let my premium time expire. I’d buy a years worth at a time. Nope. I used to buy premium ships. Nope. Not spend a penny with WGing now for over a year. I’m dissatisfied with them as a company. The way they treat the customers, the blatant bias.
      I’ll say it, they’re cockwombles.

  9. Thx for the vid. But I found it very hard to listen to on my setup (5.1), because you had too much bass in your voice line. Could you tune that down a little in your next videos?

  10. Robert Pettigrew

    I have not played WOT for a while but does not the EU have 2 servers?

    • World of tanks does yes, which is likely why despite my research and enquiries, very few desync reports exist in the WOT community in the same timeframe. Plus, as said in the vid, it’s likely WOT has priority over WoWs.

    • iEarlGrey …I very rarely play WoT these days, mainly a bit of Frontline. During Frontline game sessions I had multiple ghost shells which I took to be server side tick rate/de sync related. I am surprised that there is not more noise regarding WoT let alone WoWs.

      Win too much…player bandwidth turned down…? 😉

    • Last time I played, they were up to EU3. Maybe due to this?

  11. Oh my, you ARE pissed off at the studio aren’t you..I pick up on nuances.. but I’m well into my 60’s have way to much experience with having to. It won’t be as obvious to others as to me. Not surprising.. half the “influencers” I know of that have ended up going “in house” have ended having to compromise themselves when the real reason for the invitation to join the crew was to was to shut them up. I don’t think that was what happened with you but the tone of your vids since you left is far different then it was from before you joined.

  12. Increased server capacity should be no problem for a billion dollar company.

    Oh, wait.

  13. That, explains a lot. When I’m running games like Warframe and EVE with little to no graphical or internet issues it confuses the hell out of me why Warships (NA) has issues with BOTH of those things. Your theory sounds better than anything I’ve come up with.

  14. what you say does sound incredibly likely. Me and some friends I play with have complained about this several times before, mainly by contacting support. When I did they at first claimed the issue was on my end, I eventually stopped the conversation with support because it was getting nowhere, as I was sure the issue lay somewhere within the game.
    I have noticed that when I play on my own (either in the afternoon in EU on EU, or at night, since my work times are between 4pm and midnight) I do not have many issues with the way that the game runs, however when I have days I am not scheduled at work, and I div with a friend of mine that works regular working hours, we tend to have it more. This would be between 4pm and 9pm, which would account for European prime time if I am correct. (I recall this being prime time in other MMOs that I’ve played) If this would be factually correct (I, as well as other people, could try and collect data based on battles played during these and different hours) it would provide additional evidence supporting your theories. If there is any point in doing so, it’d be possible to also compare this data to the game during weekends and holidays. Evidence collected this way could provide (in my opinion) hard proof that there is indeed something wrong within the infrastructure, based upon player usage.
    It would however, be absurd if we’d have to collect this data to make Wargaming open their eyes because I am pretty sure that the game server would or else could record all this data automatically to quite easily generate a report on the issue.

  15. Amazing! Absolutely amazing! So not only is there no fix coming but they know about it and indeed deliberately cause actions that they know will cause this to happen. Mind blown!

  16. There seems to be so much bass on your voice that it’s a little difficult to understand what your saying some of the time mate.

    • Thanks for the heads up, apparently doesn’t play nicely with 5:1 surround sound either. Will adjust the low end and EQ in future videos 👍

  17. @iearlgrey don’t forget about the rendering glitch whether that be ships, smoke, shells and tops thats never been fixed properly and oh ya the island lock that was around forever and in the last year or more the non-lock lock issue etc…
    When is WG not lying to the base about what goes on in the game?

  18. Thanks for your theory, EarlGrey. Very informative.

    • You’re welcome, and yes, just a theory. Can’t claim otherwise at this stage. But time will tell on the validity of it.

  19. I took a break from this game with 430+ days of premium on my account because I cannot stand the bugs like this and the game mechanics. Simply too much crap and not enough love.

  20. I love ships, i like the game, i hate WG as a company.

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