The Republic – 8 kill from ASIA || World of Warships

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  1. are better the Republique’s secondaries or Kurfürst’s secondaries ?

  2. That has to be one of the dumbest Amagis i have ever seen

  3. Yanking the mouse everytime he/she follows the shot -_-

  4. Classic SEA gameplay, no one does anything for the first 5 minutes

  5. noobs will shout : “nerf this ships”
    good to pro players : “meh not good for CW”

    • As a unicum Yamato player, she feels really good and competitive, at least from the perspective of the receiving end. I find her to be extremely dangerous, and a good Republique player can easily counter Yamato bunker playstyle with her speed and pincer precision. I would even take her in to CW, I mean, BBs usually serve flanking / sniper / bunker role, but this one could easily out maneuver even cruisers. Looking forward to the acquisition of this ship, well, after I grind trough the line (currently at OP Lyon).

  6. he’s a little rude with his team, even if his fellow players didn’t sink much, they took all damages for him. But he’s really good, nothing to say about this!

  7. this video isnt enough to bring me into a seizure. 0/10

  8. That poor yummytoe

  9. You said 8 kills on ASIA…..?
    Really hard, really good job

  10. Still the WORST TX BB ever…
    Postscript: I hope tat WG doens`t dare to fuck also the Italians and Austro-hungarian TX BB’s like that…

  11. good gameplay, bad manners. Thats just not nessessary.

  12. this ship has good dispersion compare to other bbs

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