The results of the 2020 in World of Warships.

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The year 2020 is coming to an end. It’s time to sum it up and recollect what happened in World this year. modes, ship branches, and much more—relive those memorable in our new video!


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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What was the most memorable update for you this year, what are you dreaming of in the next one?

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    • For this year, it was update include The Brit Heavy CA, European DD and Big Hunt key battle mode that intrest me the most. Mostly the latter since it was the key to do the whole US BB part 2.If i said i have dream for 2021, then certanly that i want:
      – Fix the match so that team cannot play until all player are connected ( this i deeply want you to do since i have bad internet)
      – New tech tree for all player.
      – New premium ship by complete an ( insert an name for the collection ) collection.
      – New event for me to grind ( just like Big Hunt or something like that ).
      That’s all (for now).Live long and prosper.

    • @nhân trần what about fixing the game?

    • @Yolz Gardon you don’t love secondaries? So you are a toxic dirty filthy sniper, huh boi?

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA I aren’t the man of complains but you are correct. Mostly i want them to fix my problem first (see my first dream idea for 2021) then the general public fix like unfair match making and RNG style playing or kill steal from other player.That for all my problem in this game.

  2. The most memorable: makarov world

  3. yes you’ve brought many new things to the game this year. but you have also taken away of lot of fun things like all the scenarios do we remember Dynamo what about operation cherry blossom. but we haven’t finished yet there’s also the fact that you didn’t offer half-decent Halloween mission the Halloween Transylvania scenario was awesome. and let not speak about those Christmas boxes so here’s my new years resolution to you Wargaming stop treating us like child’s and let us play the entire Splendor you have offered for this game and respect your loyal players Happy New Year to you all

    • cccooooooolllllllll

      I don’t know if you knew that too, but the “improved game performance for medium and low quality settings ” is false, the truth is the game was running flawlessly before the halloween event on my computer, but with the halloween event, they have introduced changes to the way the IU worked and that has rendered the game unplayable for more than a month for me ( huge fps drop, sometimes I could not see nor the shells or the ships I was fighting) , so I think there may be more flawed things than we may actually think.

  4. I would like to propose a toast, for the art-department.

    Thank you.

  5. They actually remembered the British Heavy Cruisers? Color me surprised.

  6. Art department and Dasha only reason I stick around

  7. I stopped watching when they claim they improved matchmaking.

  8. Sadly, the most memorable thing is ‘rigged’ boxes

    • and a utterly stupid community, that forgot that the boxes had always worked like this and never complained that much in the previous years

    • @Mariusale Its because this year there is 4 FUCKING RIGGED SHIPS. Previous years there were only 1 rigged ship which was Rico. It was shit yes but we forgave them since it wasn’t that bad. This year had 4 fucking shortlisted ships. And then as an apology, they reset our account instead of a straight refund. So no, its not the community, its Wargaming being a piece of shit. I love how you’re still defending Wargaming even though you complain about CVs all the fucking time.

    • @SickSeeD Short Lists exist since they started to sell them.

    • @Soa Crow Not with 13 shortlisted ships no

    • @SickSeeD Every Crate type had different short list ships, last year was just full with PR so people didn’t notice, they dorectly said that thpse crates have always worked in this way.

  9. I was gonna write a long ass paragraph on how many things they messed up this year..
    *Flashbacks to the makarov lootboxes, bad rank rework, dumb commander rework incoming, horrible shipbuilding events for $$, making cv’s playable for all IQ levels, and so forth*


    Bravo to the art department, you guys and the wow content creators are the only things left that keep this game afloat.

  10. Unique Upgrades – “modifying existing ones…” after that they became completely useless like all new WG’s modifications. It involves new Capt perks.

  11. The next update i looking for, is the one on my refund ticket.

  12. “Improved the matchmaker”
    Yes, I love getting into only tier 9 battles with my Fiji.

    • …constantly facing T8 in stock Hatsuharu (6km torps vs 12km radar)

    • Us all: hey matchmaking, i didn”t play tier X this time, can you get me into good battle with equality of chance ?
      Matchmaking: LOL, you believed that i was made for equality of chance, shut up and get in -2 tier you player, get in 9 game when your 7 for exemple, or ge tin 10 when you’re 8, get in 8 when 6…well you understand you player.
      Wargamig’s matchmaking is like a KISS remix: i was made for killing you baby, you where made for hating me, and i can’t stop to make you anger baby, can you even play with me ?!

    • I remember facing tier 5 ships when I was in sinop lol what is this game

    • pfffff rookie , i play with the parseval vs halland and minotaur

  13. Junior the Pegasus Medic

    “Update matchmaker!” I love the game but man I’m tired of getting steamrolled nearly every battle one week and then steamrolling every battle the next.

  14. Let me think the most memorable thing oh thats right never ending fire spam from smol,thunder, Colbert, and many more that makes my life a living hell. Put out 4 fires just to get 4 again right after dmg control turns off from 1 HE shell hiting my deck

    • Don’t forget Minotaur…God i hate the minotaur

    • @RJ Al Sultan Excuse me, not minotaur, its minoturd

    • @RJ Al Sultan at least mino can be 1 shoted unlike the others where all u get is over pens but yeah mino can be a nightmare to deal with. Its how smoke works i hate the most if it was like warthunder smoke i would not complain about it but man wg smoke you cant tell where there siting or where your aiming

  15. “Improved the matchmaker” nice joke

  16. why didnt they put rigged santa crates?

  17. Matchmaking still bad and totally wtf, commonly -2 tier, rarely equitable…
    Yeah it can be one of the great results, thanks god they don’t remove the training room, still good for fun and serious training.

  18. Once again, the art department continues to carry WoWs….

  19. Improved MM? it will be improved only when it is player skilled based. Too many steam rolls with all the good players on one side and all the bad players on the other side.

  20. For the time being the main purpose of WG is to destroy everything that works great and don’t touch thinks that works badly. Matchmaker is just horrible. Players who have several thousand battles play together with those who have 300 battles and have no experiance. They do incredibly stupid things and spoil their game. The only useful things when it comes to last year gameplay improvements they are: 1. dayli possibility to earn steel 2. free premium consumables. That’s all.

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