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The preliminary stage has ended, and the time has come to announce the names of our brave gladiators #IAMCOMMANDER! Watch the video, and prepare to support your favourite contestant! The First round will start on this Friday, July 27th!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Did your favourite contributor make it to The Ring?:)
    Who will you vote for?

  2. Vulgarr the Viking

    Challenge accepted

  3. i vote jingles

  4. All hail the Gnome Overlord! The Mighty “I’ll never know wich ship that really is” Jingles!

  5. Jingles for Commander!


  7. The Nick Holland

    Flaming Potato!!!


    It’ll be jolly good fun for everybody.

  9. Matthew Gilleland

    Mighty Jingles for the win

  10. Olivia and Andrew Clark

    Jingles ftw. HE HAS THE HAT! 😁

  11. The Mighty Jingles

  12. Jingles

  13. Roight roight, that’s enough outta you lot! The Mighty Jingles has hereby ordered all you lot back to the salt mines! Off with ya now! No where near done yet!

  14. There are a lot of good commanders out there.
    But there can only be 1 Admiral and that is The Mighty Jingles!
    All hail to The Mighty Jingles

    • Seth and Camille

      Have you watched him play ever?

    • Seth and Camille I’m joking, of course! But nowhere does it say you have to be very talented at the game to be in the competition. And he’s hardly terrible at it.

    • Seth and Camille

      Just replying to the OP. And no offence to Jungles. I enjoy his commentating videos but he is just an average Warships player at best. I only want the best commander in my ship.

    • Seth and Camille I’m not annoyed, that’s fair enough but I don’t see why your captain’s character would need to be a good player? It doesn’t change how well you play! XD

    • Seth NOOOOOO!!!!! We want the most entertaining commander! Rear Admiral, The Might Jingles!!! Are you not entertained? 😉

  15. Captain Nicholson


  16. Considering that 90% of all the comments on this video have the word ‘jingels’ in it, I think its pretty obvious as to who is gonna win……

    • If It comes down to playing the game in anyway or CC vs CC game play Jingles don’t stand a chance… The only way Jingles can win is by having more sub’s to his channel period.

    • I hope Flamu win’s… I voted for him and he gets all my support no question!!! Just like the commit Hell Kitty posted above Jingles is a commentator of other peoples games and tells funny jokes during his commentating which is my whole reason for saying he shouldn’t win. I think the winner should be a CC that plays the game and is good enough to post his own games not other peoples. Someone who has put in the time and effort in to be good at the game and know his ships and tactics, not just be funny.I have been a sub to all the other CC’s channel’s for a while now (a year or more) and hands down Flamu is the best all around player at any ship class in the game. The only CC who is in the same league as him is Flambass with his DD play. That’s is my very informed unbiased opinion about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jingle’s joke and funny video’s as much as the next guy and I’m a long time sub to his channel but Flamu has earned it more than any other CC based on his superior game play and the time and effort he’s has had to of put in becoming debatably the best AKA one of the top players in the world. Not to mention building one of the biggest WoW channel’s on Youtube as well. Personally I think The best 3 players of the game should have a playoff for the top spot Flamu,Flambass and ichase

    • I don’t know how Jingles would stack up head to head against Flamu or Flambass but he has done live streams playing in divisions with Flambass and others of the EU crowd on Twitch. Sorry, my memory not the greatest. I can’t remember who all made up the division. He has put out his own WoW’s gameplay on YouTube as well, although it has been awhile since he published anything of his own. Search for AdmiralHipster. His Captain name when he plays. I watched him do a live stream with RitaGamer a couple weeks ago, they were playing WoW’s. Now, that said….I would love to see him do more of his own match’s instead of just replaying other people’s stuff, even though I enjoy watching them too. So I sort of agree with part of what you said 🙂

    • Robert Marberry, I know Jingles play’s the game every now and then. I’ve seen his game play but he’s not really that good and he has admitted himself many time’s that he’s pretty much a potato. I have no way of knowing for sure but I’d bet most of Jingle’s Youtube subscriber’s don’t play WoW and only watch his WoW video’s for their comedy. I know the only reason I watch them is for a laugh and making people laugh is not really impressive to me and shouldn’t be the reason someone win’s in My book. I believe skill and knowledge as a player should win personally.

    • Jamal Al-Sulaiman

      I’m personally voting Jingles first, Flamu second. Mainly because while Flamu is a brilliant player, Jingles is more entertaining to me. And the thought of a ship commander that chronically mis-identifies enemy ships is hilarious to me. Both are CCs in that they contribute something to the community. Flaamu educates on game mechanics and tactics, Jingles educates on game mechanics [to a degree] and, more importantly, provides entertainment value. Between the two of them, it was Jingles’ style that got me to start playing WoWs in the first place. If my first exposure to the game had been Flamu, I probably wouldn’t be sitting at 2 T10s and several T5-8s right now.

  17. Was ist das, why is Hans late to zis party???

    *prepares ze FLAMMENWER…..*

  18. This is going to be fun.

  19. BSM Iron (Panzer) Lawl

    Gentlemen. For Rear Admiral Jingles, Flag officer commanding, Salt Flotilla!

    Division. HO!

  20. How in the hell did you guys get us the popular vote? Crazy

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