The Ring: Round 1 – Farazelleth || World of Warships

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Is Farazelleth worthy to become the in-game commander?
Vote for him with your comments and likes!
All the Ring’s rules and the tournament ladder can be found here:

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Help Farazelleth to get to the next round!
    Vote with your views, likes and comments!

  2. Also, he forgot Northern Ireland! ?

  3. I approve of your use of Nelson!

  4. Nonna the Blizzard

    Fara already established Scotland’s superiority to those Limeys: Jingles retired. Make the clans proud!

    Edit: props for not using the test ships like some other did.

  5. Well, if Jingles isn’t going to be our bearded RN captain, it just has to be Fara. All the best from a fellow Scot. 😀

    • That’s a reasoning i can agree on. Go Fara!

    • Jingles being somekind of a mascot, WG should have it a default win for the Gnome.

    • Quo Niam Not much of a competition if they just gave it to Jingles.

    • Unfortunately i think this whole contest is not much of a competition. Based on WG’s formula used to calculate the score the CC with the least amount of subscribers is going to win. I just run the current numbers an the Warships Podcast is going to win hands down. Jingles with his army of salt miners wouldn’t stand a chance. In order to win for Flamuu (the CC with the most subscribers) each of his subscribes need to watch his video 9 times, leave 1 comment and like the video. Now imagine how unlikely this is and how much more unlikley it would be for Jingles to win. However as this is just a friendly competition and as long as everyone involed has fun participating in it im fine with that.

    • I like that logic. Even as an Englander, I support the Scot.

  6. I want my CV captain 😉

  7. Well played Fara, for the mean time at least Scotland is indeed still part of GB/UK. Also great to see some karma being brought down on you by your fellow CV players :p

  8. Next time please 1040p!
    You the joung version of Jurgen Prochnow from Das Boot for WoWs!
    # Viva la Fara!

  9. Glad to hear that you’re a Scot! I am a Yankee Scott mate! I am a Chalmers!

  10. Please keep up the non-CV commentary me friend! Absolutely love it!

  11. Lets colonize this chat!
    For the glory of the coming admirality and her majesty of course.

  12. No battleships, carriers!
    Fara for cv commander with British CVs!

    • I hope CV captains don’t follow his example too literal with the aggresion though. I’ve had three CV players in the last week who charged in like an idiot. I killed one of them with my BB, but the other two were on my team.
      But yeah, Fara would be great as a CV captain. Let’s hope WG will succeed in the CV rework. 😀

    • Robber_Baron I know what you mean, sometimes though tunnel vision happens, and you can run into trouble trying to stay out of it. That’s what secondaries are for though ?

  13. Thank you for pointing out that we’re not all English. I am, but we’re so much stronger as a country of unity (oh the irony).
    Good luck with the Ring :-).

  14. Vault777Overseer

    Well, keep it up Fara.

  15. You have a gorgeous beard.

  16. MajesticDemonLord

    Heh – no mention of the Irish being part of the UK

  17. Would love to see him on the british CVs 🙂

  18. Of course you get my if only i could understand what you are saying

  19. BIA World of Warships

    Nice video and well done.

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