The Ring: Round 1 – Flambass || World of Warships

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Is Flambass worthy to become the in-game commander?
Vote for him with your comments and likes!
All the Ring’s rules and the tournament ladder can be found here:

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    Help Flambass to get to the next round!
    Vote with your views, likes and comments!

  2. I am a German living in England and I can only say oh my word…

  3. Saor Campos Oliveira

    Papiere bitte

  4. So great to see Cpt Hans spying on those terrible Brits!

  5. Bomber flambass do it again

  6. Plenty of defender ribbons

  7. He sounds Scottish lmao

  8. Hans going super convincingly under cover behind enemy lines

  9. Kill the french

  10. FrustratedNameSearch

    What other captain would you use. Klingon?

  11. Thich vidcheo is cho funny! but whehre ich the jokeh of che cup of teah

  12. gonna keep voting for you…as long as you Never do that accent again ….ever, it’s the opposite of top drawer

  13. Its a continuous stream of verbal shite and i love it

  14. #HansForCommander – ‘George’ had to put up with a lot didn’t he!

  15. We need a Flambass voice pack !

  16. Tovarisch_Kartoshka 4

    I believe in you Commander Hans Carry On Sir

  17. Here’s my vote for him.

  18. lol your kind of accent for Hans as british Captain……hilarious

  19. Flambass derps in game and derps in accent but still one of the funniest streamers for WoWs

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