The Ring: Round 1 – iChaseGaming || World of Warships

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Is iChaseGaming worthy to become the in-game commander?
Vote for him with your comments and likes!
All the Ring’s rules and the tournament ladder can be found here:

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Help iChaseGaming to get to the next round!
    Vote with your views, likes and comments!

  2. Since Jingles got effectively DQd by internet issues, I’m on the IChase train

  3. Playing WoWs while recovering from the dentist’s drill? Dang Chase, that’s dedication.

  4. Also WG should probably not count multiple comments

  5. WG we can cheese this by commenting over and over again

  6. To optimize effectiveness, sub to other competitors and temporarily unsub from IChase

  7. Canada represent! Go, Chase! ♥

  8. Good video

  9. Throwing my hat for iChase, Go Canada!!

  10. Wow that was quick!!

  11. IChase got my vote, he help me to become a better player.

  12. LOL, hat has huyck 😀

  13. This is a comment totally not just so I chase gets more points

  14. +1 for the Captain who teached me how to play WoWs in the first place o/

  15. Hoping ICG or Flamu win

  16. gotta give chase that support

  17. Go Chase!

  18. So, Chase, as the voice of experience, tell us: was this mission just like pulling teeth?

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