The Ring: Round 1 – NoZoupForYou || World of Warships

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Is NoZoupForYou worthy to become the in-game commander?
Vote for him with your comments and likes!
All the Ring’s rules and the tournament ladder can be found here:

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  2. Good luck Zoup.

  3. Oh, that accent! (and that shirt)

  4. And an extra comment for Thomas the Tank Engine (

  5. … I want your hat collection.

  6. Watching again on mute while I work to try to get the stats up. I would love that accent in game. But seriously, would you choose the RN to represent if you had the choice?

    • Daniel Allred Is be betraying my US roots if I said yes…

    • I would also really like that accent in game, on a RN ship. I am an ESL speaker myself, but it sounds more British (despite the occasional Americanism) than the current British voice set.

  7. Well with the internet to the salt mines in the crapper you have chance.

  8. Well, here’s to me looking like a fool on the name of entertainment.

  9. I just remembered I had a buddy in high school that had just moved from London (army brat too) that didn’t have much of an accent for the first week I knew him. Then he had a strong British accent. I looked at him and said, “You found out that the girls here think that accent is sexy, didn’t you?” He just grinned and nodded. It lightened up a bit as the year went on, but he made sure you could always hear it.

  10. Zoup Out!!

  11. Michael Campbell

    Bloody Marvelous!

  12. Join the “Dock Side”, we have booze!

  13. If you get your choice of person to send, you sort of have an obligation to send Jingles now. Great vid, laugh-a-minute.

  14. Oh You really wanted to farm those flags instead of being more efficient with some good AP salvos to simply delete the Kutuzof out of the water? Shame !
    Epic fail with using German Anthem about British ships…
    Good luck nonetheless.

  15. Omg all you guys need to brush up on the accents!

  16. Love the hat Zoup

  17. Best so far!

  18. Colonel David Davenport

    You go NoZoup!

  19. Bowl of soup for a captain? We can have … potatos in it!

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