The Ring: Round 1 – Uocat || World of Warships

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Is Uocat worthy to become the in-game commander?
Vote for him with your comments and likes!
All the Ring’s rules and the tournament ladder can be found here:

Want more info? Check out the World of Warships website!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Help Uocat to get to the next round!
    Vote with your views, likes and comments!

  2. 猫叔加油:)

  3. MegaHarlequin sun


  4. 喵喵喵!

  5. Whaaat???

  6. mao猫叔加油

  7. Wellp… Guess I’ll have to learn chinese…

  8. Best british accent I’ve ever seen, that guy has my vote and comment


  10. Good luck!!

  11. Wow, that british accent :O

  12. ok, no translation provided..he might be giving me the recipe for his moms apple pie..

  13. 我永远喜欢UOCAT

  14. 猫叔加油!!

  15. 你问我字词不资此,那我当然是资此的啦

  16. 猫叔加油:)

  17. 猫叔加油!!

  18. Hey guys! It is very amazing to see non-Chinese viewer being interested in my video!
    Regarding the English sub, I have done the texts, and when youtube sub function for this video is enabled, I will add it asap.
    If I get the chance into next round, the English sub will come with the video! Thanks guys!
    大家好! 我很高兴能看到非华语的观众对我的视频有兴趣.
    所以关于英文字幕的问题, 我已经把文本准备好了, 一旦这个视频的添加youtube字幕功能被打开, 我就会尽快讲英文字幕添加进去.
    如果我能有幸进入下一轮, 会在制作视频的过程中加入字幕的! 谢谢大家的关注和支持!

  19. 精彩的比赛

  20. 猫叔加油!

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