The Ring – Round 1 || World of Warships

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The first round has started! Grab your bonus-code, and join the mission!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    The First Round is on!
    Enter this code to get a special mission to complete along side with our Ring gladiators!

  2. Jingles is coming in for King and Country!

  3. Jimgles ftw

  4. The rules are anti-jingles. T_T

    • jingles sux at wows
      and that sneezy voice…

    • Kuro Maikeru you should first of all take off your tin foil hat. I never said that your view is worth less than mine, so i dont know where you heard that. And whats bad about small CCs getting boosted? It doesnt hurt anyone. And by the way i think that neither Flamu or Jingles are going to win, because some small participants with a small, but very active audience will have the highest percentage of people liking and commenting on their videos. Last, Flamu is my favourite CC, but i dont really care who is going to win, and i dont understand why people (like you) care so much about this whole contest thing. And you know that Jingles likes to show the video of the football player saying: “Its only a game, why you have to be mad?” right? 😉

    • You serious ? My view will be divided by (rounded) 600k, yours by 57k, how’s that equal ?
      I didn’t say that placing the small CC’s vids here is bad, that’s actually a good thing that levels the amount of exposure, but this whole divide by sub count is not ok.
      What’s good of a unknown commander that a small amount of players will bother to get (unless he gets some OP traits) If WG wants to promote those smaller CC’s, they should do some promo event for them only, not put them together with the “big boys”.
      I consider Flamu or Flambass the favourites. Flambass have better sub count, but Flamu seems to get more support in the comments, and there will be a big amount of people from the salt mines that will have to put their vote with someone else after Jingles will be kicked out. I don’t see them backing up, for example Vulgar or uocat
      Why i care so much ? Because i like Jingles, he’s not a unicum, he’s old, crap and funny, and i want things that i like in the game, but as things are now, there’s almost no chance for him to win and that pisses me off.
      And to be precise, that’s not a football, but a hockey player. Know your Overlord better, minion ! 😛

    • Well, off to the saltmines, Kuro Maikeru. We need more youtube accounts for our gnome overlord. You need to reach your quota today. Chop chop.

    • For the grace, and the might of the Overlord
      For the Gnome that is holly
      For the salt and the way of the sword
      I give my life so boldly…

      We will take St. Petersburg !

  5. All hail our lord The Mighty Jingles

  6. Christopher Carrico

    Jingles!! Youcan do it!!! We the the salt miners have FAITH in you Master..

  7. For gnome overlord and country!

  8. Go go go jingles

  9. Funny. First few minutes and I see a lot of Jingles Comments. Amazing.

  10. Jingles fight for your honor and salt mines

  11. Jemarc Quash Boxhill

    Say it with me kids


  12. For King and country gnome overload !

  13. Jingles FTW!!! We need the good Rear Admiral in game ASAP

  14. For Jingles our gnome Overlord!!!

  15. Jingles

  16. Can we call this round what it is, a paddling?!

  17. Jingles for the win!

  18. BSM Iron (Panzer) Lawl

    Royal Navy… Division… HO!

    Stand by for Rear Admiral Jingles! The Salt Flotilla needs to steam towards the North Sea~

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