The Ring: Round 3 | World of Warships

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The third round is on! Grab the third mission, and earn your glory!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Sadly, not all managed to win a place in the third round. NoZoup was lost to the waves of misfortune, and according to the vote on our YouTube channel, players chose to bid Adieu to Yuzral and Lord_Zath !
    The second round is over, and three contestants were eliminated. Nevertheless, our remaining champions have more daring feats to complete!

    Just like before, everyone is welcome to take part! Find the bonus code in the video, complete the combat mission, and prove that you’re the best contestant!


  2. This is so cringe

  3. I root for the flaming potato

  4. canthas dihyanddrata

    I want a jacket like Earl Grey’s

  5. Dont really understand this contest ?! I mean, EarlGrey, Dasha and Alana are great and they made a trully good appealing on this ring !!!
    But what for ? a CC contest ? who really cares about a CC contest ?! they got already badges and containers and camos…
    I’m just out of this meta !

  6. Every time I hear Earl Grey I think of Jean Luc Picard


  8. Way to go Earl??

  9. These videos are super cringe, but event is funny

  10. николай новиков

    В данный момент WG код невозможно активировать по техническим причинам.

  11. And code don’t work, great. Yes i checked spelling and caps..

  12. its only me or code not working ?

  13. the code doesnt work for me

  14. Armor piercing uppercut^^ well -hört sich brutaler an als See Pferdchen Elite -chapeau : ))

  15. Entered code and it seemed to take on the page but in game there are no new missions and yes I did all lower case and all uper case with the same result. Well done WG!

  16. sorry code doesn’t not work uppercase or lowercase

  17. confirmed code still no mission in game

  18. nope,code dont work…. lower or upper letters …

  19. The best part is that the code is armor piercing uppercut and the mission is to set fire to ships… with HE. LOL WG U OK

  20. So the challenge is set fires 5 times to ships? Let’s see… ah. Worcester. Got it 😀

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