The Ring: Round 4 | World of Warships

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The fourth round is on! Grab the fourth combat mission, and earn your glory!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    The barrage of the third round died down and nine participants emerged victorious while their names go down in history of the German Fleet!
    According to the internal voting procedure, five participants obtained only 1 vote. By the Ring Rules their names must be placed to our official YouTube channel for global vote, but two of them were already saved from walking the plank and are beyond salvation. Both of them could be saved by votes of the other challengers, but…tough luck. So we bid farewell to to JiveTurkey, iChase and Flammbass.

    Nevertheless, our remaining champions have more daring feats to complete!

    Just like before, everyone is welcome to take part! Find the bonus code in the video, complete the combat mission, and prove that you’re the best contestant!


  2. That the public can only save once is a really crappy rule. this is a game for the users and not a game for the CCs!. you missed the mark on this one WG.

    • No. The previous edition with primarily public votes was an utter shitshow. This way is better. Trust me.

    • +jsm666, I’m not saying the first try was better, I am saying that the public save limit is crap. if a CC is not “liked” by the other CCs then he/she is out even if his/her fan would save him/her. At the end of the day, the CC are all competing with each other to earn money (twitch, youtube, others), I believe their voting in the ring has a large bias, meaning we the fans should always have the ability to save an individual regardless if he/she is outed by the other CCs.

  3. Dasha could give me a highexplosivejob lol

  4. If im not one of the participants and i use the code will i still get rewards?

  5. Invalid Wargaming code format. EU


  7. Jingles all the Way !

  8. sErvidor NA codigo não funciona

  9. got it to work right after i made the post, sry. worked

  10. Alexander Ducaneaux

    HIGHEXPLOSIVEJAB Just type it in manually then the code will work.

  11. So who’s left? Jingles and a bunch of nonames?

  12. Didn’t notice the vote for the players this week??? Anyway: go Jingles!

  13. “Kono senchou”? “This commander of a non-combatant ship”? You really had noone who speaks Japanese around?

  14. Might jingles forever

  15. Go old grey The Mighty Jingles

  16. Code working yet? I heard there are or was a problem.

  17. The code HIGHEXPLOSIVEJAB regardless whether Ctrl + C; Ctrl + V or typed – “The WG code is not valid. Please try again.” Not working.

  18. oh flambass lost well i guess you will cancel the event now so.he can try you did for jingles yes wargaming?

  19. hi there Lancealot , from the Asia server,

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