The Ring: The Final | World of Warships

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And there it is, the grand final! Who will prevail?

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Heated fouth round has ended and five participants returned from commanding their trusty Japanese ships and close quarter combat.
    According to the internal voting procedure, three participants obtained only 1 vote — TCFreer, SeaRaptor and PointyHairedJedi . So we’re making a global vote on our official Youtube channel’s community feed. One of them can be saved and enter final!
    Just like before, everyone is welcome to take part! Find the bonus code in the video, complete the combat mission, and prove that you’re the best contestant!

  2. I predict a riot outside Wargaming’s office if Jingles doesn’t win

  3. Let someone else than jingles win, i wanna have jingles for christmas^^ now sing along: “jingle bells, jingle bells…”

  4. Just get jingles in the game alrdy

  5. Jingles needs to be in the game as well as have his own warship. Perhaps a HMS King Jingles, Lion Class Battleship?

  6. Henriks Ļevčenkovs

    Am I the only one who overheard Dasha say Citadel Slav instead of Slam
    I am too slav at this point

  7. Look the comments: Everyone want Jingles. Look the votes, always Jingles lead.
    The Ring relaunched because Jingles had net issues.
    We all know, Jingles the one and only winner. We all want the Jingles captain.
    Enough the show, just give us our Jingles captain! 😀
    Edit: I got it! Many player wanted the Royal Navy and asked it a lot, it’s the same with our British Jingles captan! 😀

  8. Whoever wins the captain should be bound to one nation only. I want to put Jingles in a french BB 😀

  9. “Code activated” but no mission 🙁

  10. Jingles need to be in the game… but for the salt mines as a german Captain :V

  11. Were is jingles. The people have spoken

  12. This is insane. What the hell?!? JINGLES.

  13. Alejandro Aréchiga

    el código parece estar en español, que onda

  14. I can’t wait to hear Jingles make fun of us Americans in his next video!

  15. Just give us Jingles allready

  16. Jingles has the edge over all of them.

  17. I wanna hear a Jingles laugh every time my ship scores a citadel!

  18. Where did the Jingles go? Long time passing…..Where have all the Jingles gone? Far far away…..

  19. Jingles jingles jingles jingles

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