The Russian “Torplanta” Destroyer – World of Warships

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  1. Mini-Kitakami

  2. i hope this game will also be on ps4 just like war thunder

  3. TorP ManiA, TorPLanza, TorPaluza

  4. 2:10 Somebody call the cops. I just witnessed a murder.

  5. Want that ship…..

  6. any word in WOW doing something about aiming mods? Its really killing

  7. Mr.Aong¯_(ツ)_/¯

    german cruiser vii yorck

  8. Torpitz , torplanta , and INTRODUCING THE BRAND NEW tortilla , also has a
    sister ship that is a DORITO TORTILLA

  9. Wait are Russian dds out already

  10. Will you have to pay for the Russian and German ships or are they for

  11. use a carrier !!

  12. [Grammar Police]Jake GnaV M.D

    no gonna lie the South Carolina was probably like “Wtf was that? HAX!”

  13. Baron I have to ask you phly and co, are you currently having problems on
    the US servers with people taking out your engines in any ship even if you
    don’t get hit? It seems too be a huge problem here in the EU, I just
    wondered if you guys were having the same problems.

  14. it’s rendered moot,mute would mean it can’t speak.


  16. Great game man!!!!!

  17. More gameplay like this

  18. Baron you sneaky Bastard hahaaha Good job

  19. I feel the early russian DDs are going to be great ambushers, when i get
    them i will definently be rushing to islands to ambush anyone

  20. That ship looks like it was designed for you.

  21. Are these ships premium only?answer in next video or gulag

  22. check out Ollie hayds YT channel for a beginner war thunder Youtuber

  23. Baron is totally russian. Knows all translations to those names. At least
    he sounds confident.

  24. Storozhevoi <----- just ctrl C ctrv V to Google translate and click on micro . Its better than pronouced incorrect

  25. when is the update comming?

  26. Ben Hayward-Calvin

    Hmm, how can you get the distance shown next to your cursor?

  27. “Launch the swimming potatoes” .. ermagerd.. “Potatus!” ;D lets make it a
    thing guys .o7

  28. Holy shit, that thing is OP as hell for a T2! Course, it won’t be nerfed in
    any way, because… well, we all know why.

  29. hey baron play the derpski or else Ivan comes to your house

  30. The Nutty Professor

    what the fuck is 720p, ew

  31. I have to get me one of these!!

  32. that face after you sunk the first Samson -priceless!

  33. my world of war ships dosen’t work at all sometimes i’ll get it to then i
    can’t fire and i have a good computer

  34. Fallout3ProHunter

    How the fuck is the Bismarck not in this? Gajin is so unfair they only care
    about Russians

  35. Baron, Love your game play! Which tank game do you like the best? World
    of Tanks or War Thunder?

  36. dat russian bias. for the motherland!!! i guess

  37. Shitty Pony OC Recolor

    “Alright, I nee-” What did you need?! :U

  38. So nice of wargaming to release this patch on ma birthday :D

  39. Andrés Martínez (General de sillón)

    Who wants a torp’a cola?

  40. Rocket Torpedus! To infinity and right into your ship!

  41. le good liberator of eastern yurop

    9 torps in tier 2 is of balance)))))))))))) torpedos made from stalin’s own
    hands and sekret dokuments)))))))

  42. I am Live in Germany and I watching you videos and you are one of my
    favourite youtuber. Stay as you are, your Jannes Klein.
    P.S. I wish that you absorb more with others.

  43. Torpeedus galore!!

  44. Could you reinact the charle brown and franz stigler story in warthunder?
    Basically a German pilot escorted a crippled b17 to a British airfield

  45. Hey Baron, one more sub here! The brazilians salute you!

  46. Torpitz,Torplanta….whats next…:D

  47. Love the vids Baron! Quality content as always

  48. Can you pls play war thunder

  49. I love u baron

  50. is the bismarck in world of warships ?

  51. Love it Baron. I asked in the last stream but I don’t think you saw it, is
    your name after Baron von Ricthoften, the Red Baron from WWI? I know you
    like planes so I thought I’d ask!

  52. I recently started. How do I upgrade my ship

  53. what bob Marley

  54. Awesome video bro keep it up!

  55. seconed and I say yes obama

  56. first

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