The Secret to World of Tanks!

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Today I’m letting you know the secret to World of Tanks! It sounds so simple…



  1. The secret to WoT is watching, but not playing it.

  2. the secret is mainly to watch you QB and playing every once in a while for a few games before the bad MM, op tanks and 15-0 3 minute roflstomp games gets to your head, burning you out completely so that you dont want to touch this game for like the next year or so

  3. QB, excellent help. I find it hard to move, and normally locate on one flank and stay until the end. Your insight has been so helpful.

    • Sounds like you’d benefit from keeping an eye on the spotting indicators on the players list. There’s a dot next to the player name/vehicle, if it’s orange they’re spotted right now, if it’s gray they were spotted at some point. (please do note that since the latest patch those stupid epic level thingies make these harder to see).

      Now, how does it help a person like you, who stays at the back or on one flank and doesn’t know whether moving is a viable option? Let’s say we’re on Prokho. By mid-game, after having a quick look at these indicators, you can easily figure out which tanks on the enemy team are camping on the western corridor. A regular bunch of TDs and their light is somewhere there? Nope nope nope.
      Or, it’s a lower tier game, their lights are gone, there’s an unspotted TD but also there are two KV1s which weren’t spotted since the start of the game. (don’t ask me why, it’s always KV1s camping there). Might be time for some action.

  4. The most sensible video I’ve seen in a while on WoT. Kajzoo’s video on understanding mechanics and this on the minimap should go hand in hand to any new players or current players. Good job!

  5. I’m not the best shooter, but I believe I’m one of the better strategists. Couldn’t agree more. Often see people just pushing one side or the other without regard to what is happening elsewhere, and end up losing the game. Worst is when multiple tanks chase down 1 or 2 especially arty for easy kills while the rest of the team is getting decimated.

  6. For me it is really hard to get better, I am born with shaking hands. But I am a good map reader. This is a good video even for new players.

  7. I think it is equalliy important to shift your mindset from “Why does my team not support me?” to “How can I support my team best”.

  8. what realy helped me to get more focus on MaxiMap is .. i know some of you don’t like it .. playing arty. here you NEED to use it to find targets, see when it is time to run (if still possible) or to prepare for some self defense – not drowning, don’t be a coward. while playing arty you also have a chance to pay attention to the MaxiMap, as there is time between taking your shots and do what you are for in the battle – support your team the best way you can.

  9. use the minimap to not only react to your opponents but, possibly even more important, react to your allies

  10. Id say macro movement is much more important than micro movement in terms of what players seeking to improve need to prioritize and learn.

  11. I describe it to people as world of circles. Unless you’re on Ensk or somewhere that’s equally just a straight brawl, it’s all about the spotting mechanic. Can’t see it, can’t shoot it. Learning to properly use the vision indicators on the map is key.

  12. This is a great video!! Grinding put my Standard B has made me much more map aware than I’ve ever been, I’ve had much better average games since!!

  13. On top of this also making note of which enemy tanks have been spotted and which hasn’t. Especially in the end games makes a huge difference if you know 100% all enemy tanks last positions.

  14. Do you ever have one of those games where you poke your head out and the entire team destroys you instantly?

  15. Great video! However I think the main problem that I do and many others is that we commit too deep into enemy lines, making it impossible to escape.
    For example in your video, 9 times out of 10 there would be a Grille or something slapping you for 750 dmg in the face at H9. Or a light tank constantly spotting you from the lighthouse. At the end of the video, that Deathstar could have been sitting at J2 smacking you for a lot.

  16. Yup. Just peek at the map when you’re reloading your next round and assess your situation. Tunnel vision is a hard demon to free yourself of, but once you do, you’ll see a huge improvement on your overall gameplay.

  17. In addition to the map, the player list with which tanks are and have been lit up is a another key. That way you know how many hidden tanks might be on your flank and how much of a risk it is to move forward. The worst part of the mini-map is looking and realizing your team has left a flank wide open and your forced to move to that area to provide some form of defence and warning of their sweep into your teams rear. Even if the terrain on that flank does not favour your tank/TD.

  18. One thing about map relocation – Yes it is important, provided your team has enough map control to allow that sort of play. In this map, friendlies held the hill, south & north which gives you access to ~65% of the map for movement & control over ~90% useful spots on the map. Movement becomes impossible when the situation gets reversed and u end up hugging a rock, trying to cause as much damage as possible before the inevitable

  19. Loved this video! Would you be able to make one on driving slower tanks? I often get myself in the situation where I know I’m in a bad position where I can’t do much to help my team but if I push forward I will get killed and I don’t have the speed to make a big maneuver like this.


    *Let’s just appreciate how much a lot of time he puts in these awesome videos to make our day, huge respect!* 👍 😍

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