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The official battleship of only hearing BASS BOOSTED versions of songs.
Mouse’s Reviews:

Pippo Noviello – Uchuu Senkan Yamato a Cappella
Impedance Eurobeat – Uchuu Senkan Yamato [Eurobeat Remix]
Battle of Tsushima Sea March
Windstars Ensemble – Space Battleship Yamato


  1. * In Mr. Regular’s voice * Not a Yamato

  2. Shikishima – The perfect ship when you need to compensate for something…

  3. Plays eurobeat:
    Proceeds to take a torp

  4. Nothing like blowing out the speakers of a brand new work computer listening to that gun sfx

  5. Ah yes, Ms. “18 inch will be the biggest in the game”

    • Well they have said that Yamato will allways have the biggest guns and Shikishima is a Retrofitted Yamato so technically they didn’t lie

    • @Ivan Vukadin Until they slapped in H42 with 8x 480mm guns, or H44 with 8x 508mm.

    • @Hao Tu Git Gud either would likely be a GK hull with twin turrets for the 480mm or 508mm with some other changes like on Shikishima.

    • Hmm, I actually looked at how big the H-44 class BBs are and it looks like they have more displacement than the GK, I could be wrong tho

  6. Literally every tryhard unicum + me:

    haha IFHE Akizuki guns go brrrrrr

  7. Very Honorabru

  8. Not gonna lie, a secondary Yammy with bigger guns sounds really interesting, would have loved to get my hands on it if it weren’t a freaking steel ship….

  9. The most satisfying sounds.
    That perfect _pop_ opening a cold can of beer.
    The _ping_ of an M1 Garand clip ejecting.
    And the _thunder_ of a Shikishima firing.

  10. Backsound : Opening-space battleship yamato 2199. 9/10 wholesome anime

  11. This thing literally throws an entire showroom worth of Ford F350s over the damn horizon.
    Oh and did I mention it gets 2 Harugumos strapped on each side and then drop Yamamoto in that thing and make him go “Hey, That Is GUUUUUUD!”.

  12. “I was pleasantly surprised and wonder which ships could have a something I might like” Well, secondaries and CV… we all need it Denarmo GZ

  13. Got it in my recommendation, saw captain Okita and clicked

  14. 24 km away: *heard a Thunder sound*
    Cruisers and Broadside BB: I dont feel so good..

  15. “A ship people write off before they get to experience the good bits”

    Hood. Anyone who says this ship sucks is just flat out lying. I have almost 1000 battles in her and a 57% win rate and I can hands-down say she is my favourite ship in the game. If you were to check out some of the videos on my channel there is an everloving-f***ton of footage of me in my Hood. For those of you who are interested esentially Hood has bad pen but to make up for that she has the auto-bounce angles of a Des Moines. Her deck armour is weak but her sides are very well protected and when Hood gets within 10km of an enemy she is amazing. Hands down my favourite ship in the game.

    • That was the same for me when I bought a PEF to grind for the Odin since my only German BB at the time was a Kaiser. Being a US BB Main, I had no idea you could have that much fun in a T6 BB, and ended up putting tens of thousands of XP on it for no other reason than it being enjoyable to play.

      When I looked up stuff about it, everyone was just saying it’s absolute trash and I couldn’t figure out why…

    • I only saw this video on your channel… , average of 62k damage… It’s not terrible, but not stellar either.

    • @tasman_devil I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, the first clip I segment with the NY, Nelson and KGV I did 206,000 damage and the second half of the clip ends before the end of the game. I did a 125,000 or so damage that game after going after the carrier. So where the hell you got 60k from I have no idea.

    • @Awe5ome he means your cumulative average.

      I have 133k average in Ohio, with 69% winrate. It’s just flat out better.

    • @Kaga Kai that makes more sense. However, Ohio wasn’t your first premium now was it? So you actually knew what you were doing in it. Hood was my very first premium, a ship I picked up after getting myself the KGV. So obviously my averages are skewed because I didn’t know as much about the game as now. But as of today an average game for me in Hood is 100,000 damage to 110,000. My recently played games put me as a great player on her, stats don’t always tell the truth.

  16. Wait what do you mean with this ship doesn’t have a delete everything in that generell direction wave motion cannon?

  17. WG: so how big you want your guns
    Hirohito: you know the Germans Gustav?
    WG: say no more

  18. Fun fact, Shikishima secondaries actually have higher HE Alpha than the Harugumo guns.

  19. Flamu: Musashi is shit
    Denarmo: Musashi is good
    Everyone: Shikishima is worse Yamato
    Denarmo: Yeah but two haragumos with 6 510mm guns
    Everyone liked that

    • Flamu called Musashi overpowered, tier for tier. It’s just that Missouri was far more interesting in 2018, given that tier nine matchmaking was almost identical to t10 MM, making a radar BB much more interesting than a worse Yamato

    • Lukedawoop oppdawoop

      Y a m a t oooo

  20. Thank you for the many uses of Space Battleship Yamato’s theme, everyone should check that anime out! Fantastic show!

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