The Shima buffs are sweet: 325k damage – World of Warships

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Player: lord_yggdrasill
Ship: Shimakaze
Map: Mountain Range

The best game of my WoWs career up until now: 325k damage, 6 kills, 3500 base
Just doing Shimakaze things and throwing torpedoes at everything. Slight fuck up at the end included 😛

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  1. what’s up panzer

  2. Shima is back baby!!

  3. 17:30 Song name please ?

  4. So skilled …

  5. Why is the map so bugy?

  6. concealment of torpedos was reduces to 1,9 / 1,7 km with patch 0.6.4
    you enjoy / play it more now ?

  7. >Montana gets hit by THREE shima torps
    >continues to sail in a straight line not altering his course at all
    >surprise surprise, he gets hit by them again
    please share some of those retarded players with my server

  8. woulda had that cruiser kill if he had ap loaded


    just unlucky at the end

  10. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    When a new commentary??

  11. What is the end music, please ? <3

  12. A mistake at the end but great play. Must punish straight sailing BB in this battleship heavy meta.

  13. and when you are unindated with radar and DDs from the other team and can’t get away!!!! i got 16 skilll cap on mine and i find I am still limited with it!!!

  14. and even fk up trying to help allies!!!

  15. but still a great video to inspire new comers!!! 🙂

  16. What is the type of torps hes using? The second one?

  17. Dunno about most people but unless the shima is running F3’s, I don’t watch it, the long lance and 12km torps just seem more of a boring play style, while you can stealth torp with them, I like the aggressiveness of it.

  18. That might actually be the stupidest Gearing I have ever seen.

  19. OTT!

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