The SHIP IS SINKING! | #ZeRoyalChaos was Killed (World of Warships)

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Hey Internet!
What is ?

So what you are going to see today is some intense 1940’s warship battles that combine a bit of action with strategy. Now realistically I’ve only played naval based games a few times, but I kind of got the hang of it quickly…Ze and I did have access to some higher level accounts to try out, but we quickly learned that probably wasn’t the best idea. We got the crapped kick out of us and went down to mid tier ships and brought the pain (Or at least ONE of us did…HUEHUEHUE. Ze if youre reading this I love you)

The game is a lot of and Free 2 Play, but on that note, it will also require a bit of grind to acquire unlocks and new ships. (Assuming you decide to keep it F2P) Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video, and I hope you check out the game…it’s a very solid Naval based experience.


  1. GIVE THIS MAN HIS GODDAMN KAWAII AWARD… I uhhh I mean the “sexiest
    YouTuber” award… damnit.. yeahh

  2. *”Don’t mock me”*
    I’d slap you, but I can’t hit a child… *urgh.*
    I tried, Chilled, I tried my hardest to resist, but I think you accidently
    used reverse psychology.

  3. Soooo does that mean operation smartichaos a go? if not then what about

  4. Who’s the guy in the video? He sounds familiar but I don’t recognize the

  5. I’ll be honest i didn’t even know you had a beard…

  6. Show us your genitals.

  7. Wow chilled your beard game was so weak I didn’t realize you were growing

  8. Woah, that last battle was A CLOSE SHAVE. eh? eh?

  9. I wasn’t expecting the game to look so fun.

  10. Wait at 12:14 is that air craft carrier? I alway want to play as air craft
    carrier. ?

  11. You look better clean shaven Anthony. Keep it that way my dude.

  12. “I’m killing so many seamen right now. It’s like when I was in highschool””


  13. Gotta give you credit, I was expecting you to play way worse after having
    watched Ze’s perspective, but as someone who’s played over 5k matches I’ll
    say this: for one of these sponsored videos you actually did surprisingly
    well. Yes, you made plenty of mistakes and couldn’t have possibly known
    about how many of the game’s mechanics actually worked, but most people who
    do these videos struggle with understanding how you even aim or that you
    have to actually lead the ships to hit them (Ze’s perspective being a
    perfect example).

    Doing 57k damage in the Cleveland, while not record breaking, is actually a
    pretty impressive feat given that you’ve probably never played the game
    before, the server-wide average on the NA server is actually less than half
    of that! (Though that’s partly because the average player is not very good
    at the game, espechially at that Tier).

    Every WoWs captain’s worst nightmare.

  15. Chilled you guys need to do a colab with TheMightyJingles on this game.
    It would be so awesome.

  16. Destroyed a lot of battleships in my day but even I saw this coming.

  17. He looks good without a beard

  18. Cam confirm, WoWS is fun and a solid amount of old-timers play it.

  19. I’m not gay but you’ve got some really good skin, it looks glowy and soft

  20. Honestly, keep the hairdo and I’ll still be able to get off.

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