The Siegfried Review No One Asked For | World of Warships

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And so he spoke, and so he spoke…

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  1. By far my favorite intro.

  2. bibimemyi studios

    0:55 a good whine is when you cry, I think you meant “good wine”

  3. 3 Smidge Energy

    I’m in the intro!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT

  4. I’m sorry if this video is a bit worse than usual, current mood is shaky at best.

    I’ve made a Twitter where I post memes and post whenever I upload a vid:

    You can now also support the channel by pressing the big blue Join button. Same rewards as in my Patreon.

    • We always here for you Denarmo, as you’re always here for us 🙂

    • The chowder song in Spanish got me to laugh

    • i hope your okay man. especially since you played the rains of castemere as your outro. just promise to give me some warning if your planning any weddings

    • Thanks for all the comments asking how I’m feeling.
      Nothing too bad or too serious, and I do concede that the ending music was me being a bit of a drama queen but that’s just how I felt yesterday. However I do feel very pressured lately with the channel to meet some high expectations, hopefully all this extra work I’m putting into the channel ends up working out for me and for all of you.

      Have a good day everyone.

    • How can you buy Siegfried?

  5. Spanish Chowder for the Intro? ok was not expecting that

  6. This was dope. Graf Zeppelin when tho?

  7. Is that chowder i hear? One of my fav childhood series

  8. SinkkingTurrtle

    I’m halfway through my first regrind for the research pointses. Originally started for ohio, but then siegfried is being hyped up a ton and i’m starting to think maybe accurate main guns are cooler than purple ribbons.

    Anywho good work Dena! Always love your vids!

    • Was sitting on 80k RB points for months till i decided to pull the trigger on Ohio last two days ago. Haven’t looked back since. Both have equally accurate guns so you won’t go wrong with either.

    • Joshua Picklesimer

      Trust me, Ohio is a great choice for first timers in research bureau.

    • I had Siegfried today and it is so fun with this Sigma i dont care for ohio i have Georgia and i dont like Montana

  9. I had the Siegfried before this video…. but damn this video is right on point on what you feel when you playing the big girl

  10. I am simple man, I see Denarmo video I like and comment.

  11. Ah, the chowder opening, yeah, that serie was a pretty good one when I was little lmao.
    Also Denarmo are you Spanish? Since the opening was in Spanish xD

  12. I’ll be damned, I know where that intro is from!

  13. What is this blistering upload schedule? It truly is content season.

  14. What happened to “SHIP… REVIEW” 🙁

  15. The Lannister soundtrack at the end gave me goosebumps. Why you gotta make me sad Den, WHY <3

  16. So basically, WG made Agir so they could make more money from Siegfried.

  17. Even though I didn’t understand what the intro was saying, I immediately realized it was Chowder just from the visuals

  18. I swear, when the screen went black, and I heard the Reynes of Castamere and saw AdmiralRektbar pop up….I was like, “Oh…shit.” Half expected to get stabbed by Roose Bolton.

  19. That Dude Over There

    No one:
    Denarmo’s text to speech pronouncing Gneissenau: Nii-san-aww

  20. “… So that your guns turn where you’re aiming before the next update arrives.”

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