The Siroco in World of Warships Legends

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A compilation of my funny moments, memes and best plays in the Tier 4 French Destroyer: Siroco


  1. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    I got here faster than the Siroco firing its main guns with a reaload booster ;-D

  2. Love it👍🏻😁. Greetings from Germany

  3. Keep up the good work man!
    I like your voice btw 😀

  4. Just sunk some Siroccos in the past hours and I can’t believe that someone gotta pay to play this ship.
    Nice comment at the end, my friend. 👏👏

  5. I find this ship interesting, but i didnt put my Auboy commander lv16/4
    Instead i choose du furnet for Fire chances and consumables, but i didnt try this ship yet😂

  6. Regular tech tree tier 4 French destroyer is def way better.

  7. This thing accelerates and shoots faster than the French retreating from the battle line!

  8. I chose to go with a full concealment build in Sirocco, that 4.9 km detection is nasty when torping BBs behind an island xD

  9. La verdad el mejor jugador que he visto, me emociona mucho ver sus partidas épicas

  10. Well, the tech tree counterpart can have almost 10k health more soooo…

  11. I actually like the Siroco, but I also get along well with French destroyers in general. She’s not an “easy mode” boat like the Doom Canoe, but she’s fun. I run Violette/Bey/Sims so I don’t muck up the guns any. She’s great for torping BBs, but she also citadels cruisers really well. I won’t outgun a Farragut, even with MBRB, but if I hold onto it, I can gun down other same tier DDs.

  12. I play this game almost every day and have never heard of this ship. am I blind?

  13. If you’re seal clubbing in a tier 4 dd for weekly premium missions I wish more people give the gremy some love. Literally the only bad thing about the ship is the turret traverse which shouldn’t phase a good captain

  14. The mutsuki forgot that you need to be IN the smoke to go dark.

  15. Gotta love that outro 😁😂

  16. I like this little boat. I have auboyneau at L4, and with give me speed and speed boost on, it’ll do 46 kn. There are a lot of thinly armored T4 cruisers you can fuck up under the right circumstances. Nothing compares to Kamikaze, of course, but that thing is like a professional athlete playing against grade schoolers.

  17. it may not be the best in guns but torphedo is really strong

  18. It’s the tier 3 with an even worse reload😶😶 it works yes but the normal jaguar is also very good even without the reload booster

  19. lol, think the little description at the end is a good sum up of the ship, nice vid Pg 👍🏻👊🏻

  20. I hope he does a video on the Tirpitz

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