The Stalingrad in World of Warships Legends

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A compilation of my funny moments and memes in the Legendary Tier Russian Cruiser: Stalingrad

My Build:

JoRo – Giorno’s Theme Hardbass
JoRo – Pillar Men’s Theme Hardbass


  1. This ship is the Indoraptor while Vladi is the Indominus, literally Stalingrad is a “””downsized””” yet deadlier version of his bigger self

    8:32 as a Champagne main, this hurt me

    • If you are a champagne main it may have hurt you but you also enjoyed it.

    • @J Trank Gaming no cuz Champagne is a great ship, its just that its very demanding and hard to use, but yet rewarding

      20sec rayguns 406 are great

    • @Bastien Karabin it’s hilarious dev striking a cruiser at 20km but it’s not really a competitive ship IMO but I’m glad you enjoy it. It’s definitely more fun to play since it got buffed.

    • @J Trank Gaming not only cruisers xD, yeah of course but its way better than people think it is

    • @Bastien Karabin for sure but I’d say it’s still a B tier ship at best. Long range sniping is only viable part of the time and when you have to push objectives other battleships and he spamming cruisers bully the hell out of it

  2. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    1:36 this man is a perfect example of:
    – the secondaries in the game
    – the accuracy of the german battleships
    – our AA probably too

  3. The Russian beat in the background is awesome. Where did you find it?

  4. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    Doctor: “Stalingrad can’t hurt you, it was just a town 50 years ago”
    The Stalingrad:

  5. 2:20
    I will never get tired of that “Peter Parker screaming” meme, and the way it zoomed in as the shells came closer, just perfect, had me laughing so hard.

  6. *No Yamatos were harmed in the making of this video*

  7. Yamato:Noooo! You can’t penatrate my Thick Armor!
    Stalin: Haha AP Shell go brrrrrr

  8. homing railgun made of glass 🙂 noice but tad expensive especially if one possesses the Alaska

  9. Sometimes I feel like they just want to be a part of your videos lmao

  10. Blessed by mother Russia!

  11. Thank you, just thank you 🙏🏼

  12. Curse you for having the GXP saved! 🤤 this is the only ship I think could cure my kleber addiction, I miss it so much.

  13. 3:25 Just gotta watch out firm them O-classes! lol

  14. Once again, a great video.
    I have a feeling that the Stalingrad is going to dominate the matches.

  15. Love your videos bud it really makes my day 🙃

  16. Александр Швырев

    зашибись, в натуре чётко, можете, могете, пацаны вообще ребята, от души

  17. bro I love ure videos seriously it’s perfect

  18. Christopher Campfield

    Loved it

  19. First the buffed Alaska and then they introduce Stalingrad, did WG lose their heads!?

  20. The way you put Nicolay Kusnetzof in an Adidas tracksuit had me dead 🤣🤣

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